Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Walk to Darling Harbour Sydney

Hey, hey! How's everyone been doing in the past two weeks? As most of you know, I'm in Sydney and it's my 5th day here already. Jetlagged. It was plain exhausting and I didn't sleep well although the time difference between Sydney and Malaysia is only three hours, three hours ahead of Malaysia time.

Anyway, my intention today is just to make a quick post to update you on the happenings yesterday. Nothing wordy or too fabulous. Despite the fact that it is summer now down under, it still gets a bit chilly in the evening and at night when the temperature drops.

Darling Harbor Sydney: Starbucks
Starbucks fix after a stroll from Haymarket to Darling Harbor. I dyed my hair again if you noticed, much brighter and brown this time #madlove If you love the color or hairstyle I got, consider making an appointment now at San Hair Studio, mention my name and my blog to get special discount on your first visit ;)

Darling Harbor Sydney
Don't you miss me, Sydney? I've missed ya heaps!!!

Darling Harbor Sydney
Looking back, it's been almost six months since I left =(

Darling Harbor Sydney
How I miss the warm sunshine and cool breezes and everything else here ♥

Darling Harbor Sydney
Paparazzi shot of me sipping on Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. 

Darling Harbor Sydney
The Spiral Fountain in front of the Sydney Convention Centre.

Darling Harbor Sydney
Before sunset.

Darling Harbor Sydney
Something interesting we encountered. Very similar to the Spiderman 3D art in Made In Penang Interactive Museum, except it's way bigger and reflects on a giant standing mirror.

Darling Harbor Sydney
We left around 6.30pm for home. Mr. Choo promised to make me dinner and he did. Oven-grilled pork belly, veggies and potatoes, yum~ yum~ Thanks, Mr.Choo and good night y'all  =)

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