Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Palm Sugar Making and Orchid Farm

For years, I've been using palm sugar in my cooking, and I wasn't aware what exactly it is made of or made from until my recent trip to Bangkok two weeks ago. Well, it never occurred to interest me, so yeah. Fortunately, our third day tour package covered the topic pretty well. We were exposed to the process of palm sugar making and a little hands-on experience.

I woke up super early that morning just to get myself ready and to enjoy the complimentary buffet breakfast which started from 6 to 10 every morning. My restless body wished to stay in the bed longer but my mind opposed, "Come on, girl. It's your first morning in Bangkok!!!"

So minus all the time spent to wait, ride and change elevators (only certain elevators get you to certain floors *smacks head*), we had merely half an hour to eat or less. In that case, "gulp down" is the more appropriate way to describe the situation.

After quick breakfast, we came down to lobby to find that our friendly tour guide was already there waiting with a big smile on his face. Some of the Thai people are genuinely really friendly and soft-spoken. He led us to a mini shuttle bus parked not far from Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Departure time was sharp at 6.45am as scheduled.

Palm Sugar Making
Cut flower buds placed in a bowl made of coconut shell.
Wanna try some? The flowers themselves are edible raw.

Palm Sugar Making
Freshly harvested from the coconut palms.

Palm Sugar Making
In the process of extracting sap from the flower buds.

Palm Sugar Making
Hey, hey! Look who's working hard to keep the fire burning? Me, apparently =p
Nah, I was just helping out while he, the worker, was busy loading the fire with dried coconut leaves, skins and others.

Palm Sugar Making
A very touristy shot of three of us. Support local products, buy palm sugars. LOL.

Palm Sugar Making
The end products. Feel free to buy some as souvenirs.
There are also coconut lotions and many more.

Palm Sugar Making
Handcrafted giraffe lamps, cute max!!!

Palm Sugar Making
More home decors made of coconut shells.

Palm Sugar Making
Uniquely stitched handbags.

Palm Sugar Making
Right next to the free market, there was a mini orchid farm.

Palm Sugar Making
It smelled a bit funny around that area. Smell that came from the water system.

Palm Sugar Making
Blooming orchids on display. Mum would love them.

Palm Sugar Making
Waiting to go aboard. Floating market is our next stop. Weeeeeeeeee!!!

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  1. they use it like the gula melaka, although it is a bit different.

    I only realised recently that they use it in 'som tam', which is the thai green papaya salad


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