Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ipoh Old Town: Sekeping Kong Heng and Plan B Cafe

Ipoh Old Town is as happening as ever, specially now during public holidays and long weekends. With its ideal location situated in the heart of most major cities and tourist attractions, it would be a good call to stop by to taste some local specialties and to do a little bit of sight-seeing before traveling further up or down the peninsular.

We were heading down south that day, in our case, from Penang to Cameron Highlands for a 3D2N trip. Speaking of Ipoh, we'll be there again tomorrow for dim sum breakfast, feel free to wave and say hi if you happen to bump into me =)

Ipoh Old Town: Plan B
Like a movie poster. Sisterly love ♡♥

Ipoh Old ToIpoh Old Town: Plan Bwn: Plan B and Kong Heng Kopitiam
I haven't ridden on one of these old bikes in ages. So much fun and silly childhood memories just looking at it. Behind me was a stretch of shops selling souvenirs and other interesting stuff. 

Ipoh Old Town: Plan B
We came not knowing the background or history of this place until we did a bit of exploration of its surroundings after breakfast at Kong Heng coffee shop. I was amazed by the 3 storey neo-classical building which also houses accommodation for travelers and tourists on the upper floors.

Ipoh Old Town: Plan B
A few more steps to the right, you'll get inspired by Plan B, a culture cafe next to Sekeping Kong Heng.

Ipoh Old Town: Plan B
"It's perfect to be imperfect because perfection is made up of many imperfections put together that makes it perfect." #qotd

Ipoh Old Town: Plan B
Cozy outdoor seating for reading, chit-chatting and possibly napping =p

Ipoh Old Town: Kong Heng Kopitiam
As mentioned, breakfast fix at Ipoh Kong Heng Restaurant on Jalan Bandar Timah. I ordered my usual hot Milo less sweet or sometimes "kosong" without any condensed milk or sugar in it. The prawn-based Koay Teow Th'ng was oily and tasted a bit like Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup) with strong prawn flavor. Custard pudding was the winner!

Gunung Lang Recreational Park
Gunung Lang Recreation Centre that we intended to visit but skipped in the end. Can anyone tell me if it's worth visiting? 

Gunung Lang Recreational Park
Melting hot. I always get the feeling that Ipoh is much more hotter than Penang. Just 心理作用 perhaps.

Gunung Lang Recreational Park
Boat ride to get to the recreation park.

We were back on the road soon after, with me sleeping like a pig at the back of the car. It was crucial to seize every possible minute to sleep for someone who slept merely 3 hours. *crawls back into slumberland*

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