Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aji Ichiban's Dried Crabs

Aji Ichiban: Dried Crabs

Last night, after we came back from work. One of my friends suggested us to go over David's place for Mahjong, which is just within walking distance from Student Village. So, right after we had our very late dinner, we went upstairs for a change of clothes while waiting for my friend to ring me. The night was cold and chilling, as we walked in the dark to our final destination.

Aji Ichiban: Dried Crabs

One little, two little, three little crabbies...

Aji Ichiban: Dried Crabs

It's Aji Ichiban's Dried Crabs (日式烧蟹)! David's new housemate got the Japanese snacks from Hong Kong Airport when she traveled back to China. It tastes similar to the Dried Satay Fish (沙爹鱼) we used to have back in Malaysia. We didn't miss out the chocolate raisins and Lamington cake either of course. The snacks were superb, no doubt! My boi didn't let go of the chance to have one nice cup of Oolong tea (乌龙茶) too.


It was pretty amazing that we actually played Mahjong for nine hours non-stop. Everyone was exhausted in the next morning, we went back home to have a good sleep before going for work in the late afternoon again.


  1. Walau eh, so small eh? I want to have one too! Hehe...

  2. Now cant find aji ichiban in sg liao...

  3. akira 思胜:
    Yeah, they're very tiny, cute and delicious!!!!

    Yup, really nice indeed! My first time trying out the Japanese snack =D

    somewhere in singapore:
    Oh, but why? Is the brand not allowed to be sold in Singapore?

  4. Haha, the crabs are too cute to be eaten but they're irresistibly yummy!


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