Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Koh Ngai (Koh Hai) in Krabi Province: Koh Hai Fantasy Resort & Spa

Friends and colleagues have been asking me why do I travel to the Kingdom of Thailand so frequently that I almost look like a half burnt gingerbread man now, except with long dark hair. LOL.

Island hopping is very much fun (well, who doesn't like traveling huh?) despite the fact that soaking your body in the sea water under the devilish hot sun can significantly boost up the entire tanning process. Not to mention the tormenting boat ride (if the sea is rough and rocky) plus long-hour road trip travelling to and fro. But they are all worth it!!!

It's the experience that counts right? ツ

Koh Ngai, which also referred as Koh Hai by locals, is a tiny island measuring 4 km long and 2 km wide in Amphoe Ko Lanta of Krabi. We got there via Pak Meng Pier in Trang Province. Approximately an hour boat ride for the 15 km route from mainland to island.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
Waiting to stamp our passport at the Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine checkpoint in Wang Kelian (one of two border crossings between Malaysia and Thailand in the state of Perlis). Apparently, the unofficial "stamping fee" here is officer-dependent. Some would accept RM1 while some request for RM2. I was told that if the officer is nice enough, he would even give you change for the big note you surrendered.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
The Pad Thai Noodles with Prawn and Omelet I had in Robinsons' Food Park.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
After almost 10 hours of driving and stopping, we finally arrived at Pak Meng Pier.
See how excited everyone was!!!

Sorry, my face looked a bit stretched here somehow.

Here's a Google map for you to refer to for the kilometres we have traveled.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
Upon arrival... Hello, sunshine ☀ and beaches!

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
Blue Lagoon Bar located right next to the information / check-in counter.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
Oh wait, did I forget to tell you that we were staying in Koh Hai Fantasy Resort & Spa? I tagged this location for more than one hundred times already on both of my Facebook and Instagram. So pardon me for being a little big-head-prawn (forgetful).

Okay, one hundred times is a bit exaggerating but at least more than 10 times for sure.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
Simply adore this white dining area where we get our breakfasts and dinners fixed.

Koh Ngai / Koh Hai in Krabi, Thailand
A glimpse of sunset by the beach. Suay mak mak! ♥

We did not do much on day 1 as we arrived late in the afternoon. Unpack, shower, dinner then off to bed to charge up for next day's snorkeling trip. Mind you that the pipe water was a lot salty during our stay, probably due to the drought season we are all experiencing in the tropical climate zone now.

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