Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back to April: Sydney Once Again

Just touched down from "The Pearl of Orient" and landed on another "Pearl of Orient" two days ago. To clear up your confusion, I'm actually referring to Hong Kong which I revisited after 3 years and Penang where I lay my sore, tired body in my home sweet home right now.

Travelling can be pretty addictive. Each time it comes to the end of a trip, I would always secretly hope for another one to take place soon, like as soon as I unpacked and repacked my luggage xD.

In this instance, I wish I could fly myself down under to soak up the warm rays and enjoy the last nip of spring air before summer. How I've missed Australia, how I've missed you.

Bondi Beach Sydney
Back in April. Selfie prior heading out for a beach walk at the Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach Sydney
It was a super chilly afternoon. The icy-cold breeze nearly froze me to death.

Bondi Beach Sydney
Not many surfers and joggers around as you can see.

Bondi Beach Sydney
Hat borrowed from Mr. Choo. Hey Bella, I have missed you too =(

Sydney City Centre: Sunset
On a lovely ride down the city.

Sydney City Centre: Maple Tree in Autumn
Maple trees near where we parked. Love the blue skies in Sydney ♥

Sydney City Centre: Thai Town
Thai Town. I never knew that it existed.

Sydney City Centre: Soft Serve
Soft serve cone. I had two within my 3-week stay there! McDonald's Australia should really consider putting choco top up on its menu.

Sydney City Centre: Westfield
Late night shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre on the corner of Pitt Street and Market Street. We came here on most Thursday nights and it was always so crowded with shoppers and a visible amount of homeless on the streets.

Sydney City Centre: Westfield
Live performance in front of Zara.

Sydney City Centre: Hummer
My driver's here! Now, who wants to go for a ride? =p

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