Monday, May 5, 2014

Manly Beach and In Situ Manly

I woke up with a bleeding throat this morning. Ouch. It's hurting so bad that I secretly regretted all the Korean barbecued meat and whatever fried and grilled food (well, not the barbecued crabs) I gulped down since I touched down in Penang.

Can't blame my gluttonous mouth for missing all the yummies. I'm already serving my punishment now with sore-throat and mild fever =( *replays Officially Missing You by Jayesslee for the 285th times*

One Day in Manly: I Love Aus T-Shirt
Aww, this baby tee is simply too adorable, don't you think? ♥
Our half-day trip to Manly officially began!

One Day in Manly: New Brighton Hotel
New Brighton Hotel in the Corso, a part-pedestrian mall we shopped at.

One Day in Manly: Manly Beach
Getting warmer under the sun.

One Day in Manly: Cafes
There were quite a lot of nice cafes, restaurants and bars around this area. And we decided to try out In Situ Cafe on Sydney Road for late lunch. 

InSitu Cafe Manly: Christina
A complimentary bowl of chips with tartar sauce was given to us (on top of the two main courses and a side salad we ordered) as our orders have been mixed up. No biggies, really =)

InSitu Cafe Manly: Salt & Pepper Calamari
Fried Calamari with Lime Aioli. Tasted lovely with a mild kick of spiciness but excessively oily.

InSitu Cafe Manly: Mr. Choo
Its warm and cozy interior. Very relaxing indeed.

InSitu Cafe Manly: Big Breakfast
In Situ Big Breakfast: Poached eggs served with mushroom, bacon, grilled tomato, chorizo, sour dough, potato gems & a side of tomato relish - $18.50.

Manly Beach Sydney, Australia
We had a stroll along the beach after lunch. It was packed with crowd.

Manly Beach Sydney, Australia
Snap, snap, snap. I managed to capture a panoramic view of Manly Beach before heading back to Sydney. More shopping in the city, woohoo!!!

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