Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sydney in April

Sorry guys, I feel terribly sorry for contributing only 2-3 posts in the past two months. That's like the amount of post I used to write in a week -__________-

Life has been grateful and miserable at the same time. So much thoughts and feelings overflowing, yet I can't put them in words. #TypicalTaurus Have faith, Christina. Have faith. There will be sunshine after the rain.

Speaking of rain, I kinda brought it all the way from Penang to Sydney. Hahaha!

Visiting Sydney: Air Asia
Yes, I flew with Air Asia again. Hate flying alone ='(

Visiting Sydney
I took a connecting flight from Penang to Sydney this time. Saved me the hassle of collecting and checking-in my baggage at LCCT. How awesome is that?!

Visiting Sydney: Transit in LCCT
Walked quite a distance in the airport just to find an unoccupied and usable socket to charge my stupid phone. Life's so much more miserable without power bank.

Visiting Sydney: Red Roses / Bouquet
Surprisingly, my flight from KL to Sydney was rather empty. I had the entire row for myself including the front and the back, not even half of the plane was occupied. The flying experience, however, was no better due to the on-going air turbulence. Some passengers vomited.

I'm glad I survived and touched down around 8:10 pm local time (no more daylight savings since summer has just ended on the 5th of April). By the time I went through all the custom and immigration procedures, Mr. Choo was already there waiting with a bouquet in the arrival hall *blushes*

Visiting Sydney: Bella the Maltese
Two hours difference may seem little but the impact was huge on me, specially when trying to get out of bed in the mornings. Aww, look at this cute little belly bum ♥ She would cough like she has a fur ball stuck in her throat when she gets overexcited. LOL. Story of a dog that grew up with a bunch of cats. 

Visiting Sydney: Dining Out
Lunch in a Chinese restaurant, Rice Bowl in Bondi Junction.
Chicken was rough, green beans was overly salty.

Visiting Sydney: Ferrero Rocher Easter Chocolate
Stumbled upon these Easter eggs and chocolates when doing groceries shopping at Coles. Easter is just around the corner peeps!!! And we've got the kids a pack of Easter chocolate treats.

Visiting Sydney: Macadamia Nuts
Macadamias. Anyone want some? =p

Visiting Sydney: Homemade Wontons
Wontons / Wantans we made for lunch yesterday.

Visiting Sydney: Homemade Wontons
Tada~ I'm sure you can guess who made which of them xD

Visiting Sydney: Homemade Wontons
Now, grab your bowl and taste some!!!

Visiting Sydney: Amelia
Cheeky bubbly Amelia on the way back from school.

Visiting Sydney
Alright, good night and sweet dreams from me and Mr. Koala *blows kisses*

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