Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Autumn in Sydney: Food Indulgence

Hello Sydney! Hello Aussies! Excuse me if I freaked out any of you with my close-up. LOL. Things are sailing smooth here down under, despite the excessive amount of rain we're getting during the change of season. Honestly, it's far more colder than I imagined it would be. Or perhaps, I'm already acclimatized to the heat and stifling humidity in Malaysia that I almost forgot how chilly it can be in the autumn days.

When in Sydney: Selfie
#Selfie ❤ Keep warm and stay hydrated is the key to survival.

Chinatown Sydney: Emperor's Cream Puff
We passed by the Emperor's Garden Cakes & Bakery again one afternoon, and saw a big crowd queuing up for the seemingly popular Emperor's Puff (皇帝饼) which we didn't bother to try out last time. Except this time, we actually took the time to queue for the cream puffs.

Chinatown Sydney: Emperor's Cream Puff
30 cents each or 4 for a dollar as shown on the yellow board.

Chinatown Sydney: Emperor's Cream Puff
I've got a box of 16 for 4 dollars. A bit greedy huh?

Chinatown Sydney: Emperor's Cream Puff
Yum, yum... Smells good!!! Ever heard of “鸡蛋仔”? They're more like 鸡蛋仔 with custard fillings, but in the shape of little onion heads? Haha!

Chinatown Sydney: Meet Fresh Desserts
Finally, the silly face of  Mr. Choo =p

Chinatown Sydney: Meet Fresh Desserts
Had a sudden crave for desserts and decided to pop in this Meet Fresh (鲜芋仙) Haymarket Branch in Chinatown. As usual and as always, Mr. Choo ordered something icy cold for himself, Taro Ball Dessert 4 with taro, red beans and pearls. Overly sweet that he disliked it.

Chinatown Sydney: Meet Fresh Desserts
While me, on the other hand, ordered a hearty warm bowl of Red Beans Tofu Pudding.
Not too sweet, yet not smooth enough.

When in Sydney: The Lion King
Capitol Theatre on Campbell street. The light rail trails are visible in front of the building.

When in Sydney: Dinner at Umi Kaiten-Zushi
Dining out last Sunday night.

When in Sydney: Dinner at Umi Kaiten-Zushi
Was starving after sending Mr. Choo's relatives off to the airport. So we picked the first Japanese restaurant that came into our sight - Umi Kaiten-Zushi on Pitt Street.

When in Sydney: Dinner at Umi Kaiten-Zushi
We nom-ed quite a few plates of sushi from the sushi train and ordered a teriyaki salmon bento to share. Just $18.80 for a set meal which comes with a miso soup and a chawamushi (steamed egg). Good value *thumbs up*

World Square Sydney: Maccas Soft Serve
30 cents well spent on Macca's soft serve cone.

When in Sydney: Selfie
See my outfit? I'm not exaggerating at all. It is spine-chillingly cold out there (especially when the night falls) even though the average temperature is only around 14 to 20°C in autumn.

When in Sydney: Rainy Day
Rain, rain, rain and more rain. I need more sunny days to cheer me up.

Westfield Bondi Junction Sydney: Lunch at Thai Riffic
Lunch at Thai Riffic Westfield Bondi Junction some time last week. The portion was huge.

Westfield Bondi Junction Sydney: Lunch at Golden Tower
The Crispy Chicken Rice I had at Golden Tower Westfield Bondi Junction. Could barely eat half of it.

When in Sydney: Strawberries
How I miss my all-time favorite. YAY to strawberries!!!

When in Sydney: Korean Seaweed Snacks
These roasted seaweed snacks are heaven! Got them from Miracle Asian Supermarket for less than 5 dollars. A lot cheaper compared to Malaysia.

When in Sydney: Home-cooked Dishes
Good news is, I've been spending quite some time in the kitchen lately. Prepare both breakfast and dinner for almost everyday. Sambal Asparagus & Chicken, Bean Sprouts with Salty Fish, Tomato Omelet and more!

When in Sydney: Home-cooked dishes
Dinner last night. Stir Fried Kangkung with Prawns and Hot & Sour Cucumber with Chicken as requested by Mr. Choo. Gotta love my cooking!!!

When in Sydney: Home-cooked dishes
Egg Fried Rice with Mushrooms I made the other night. Alright guys, that's all for tonight. Have a good night and I shall update yas again soon =)

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