Friday, January 3, 2014

Gift Exchange Christmas Dinner 2013

Weeeeeeee, first post of 2014!!! Times flies, it sure does. Glad that I had been enjoying my freedom to the fullest since the very day I touched down in Malaysia. No regrets. Life's too short to live with any regrets.

I spent my emotional past few days reviewing my old blog entries, only 72 in total for year 2013. Yeah, a lot less productive compared to the year before. So much ups and downs to endure in the journey of finding myself and what I wanna do with my life. Forgive me, for not being able to share every single detail with you.

 2013 was a nightmare yet full of excitements and wonders.
  • February: Dyed my hair brown for the first time.
  • April: First golf experience.
  • May: A luxurious birthday celebration in Brisbane.
  • May: Had Dequervains Tenosynovitis aka repetitive injury on my left thumb.
  • June: First whale watching experience on the Gold Coast.
  • July: Farewell-ed friends in Queensland, moved down to Sydney.
  • August: Family road trip to Tioman Island.
  • September: Started using WeChat and got hooked up ever since. 
  • October: Diagnosed with dengue and admitted days in the hospital.
  • October: Met up with an old "new friend" and attended friend's wedding in KL.
  • October: 23 hours train voyage to Bangkok.
  • November: Experienced the worst food poisoning that lasted days with abdominal cramps.
  • Months of never-ending exploring the Pearl of Orient.
I had three gift-exchange Christmas dinner last year. LOL, "last year" sounds far, far way but it was merely less than two weeks ago. One with newly met friends, one with family, one with badminton buddies. Gift exchange with family was indeed the most unforgettable as it was never our tradition to celebrate Christmas.

Sweet and adorable little pressie I got from gift exchange ♥

Creamy mushroom soup which came with the Christmas dinner set.
Taste was weird, like Chinese herb taste kinda weird.

Overly buttery grilled fish with very burnt and bitter taste on the surface.

Groupie #1. I feel bad for not remembering everyone's name =/

Pressies under the tree.

Groupie #2.

Sipping on Chocolate Cream Chip at Starbucks Queensbay Mall on Christmas Eve.

Selfie on a random morning. #BlackandWhite #Obsession

On Christmas Day itself, we cooked up a warm and hearty dinner for 5. There were grilled asparagus and bacon skewers, mushroom soup, baked cheese prawns, steamed crab with ginger and egg white, and hot and spicy crab on the menu. Desserts, on the other hand, we had Humble Beginnings mille crepe. Yum, yum!

Pressies under our Christmas tree.

The best amongst all. Okay, I'm officially broke now =S

My lucky draw, Brand's InnerShine Berry Essence!!! Not too shabby.

On the way to a shopping spree. Cheery mood.

Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner and Gathering
Gift exchange with badminton buddies at Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant in Tanjung Bungah.

Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner and Gathering
Pressies, pressies... My wrapping skill stood out, but as the ugliest one *shamed*

Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner and Gathering
The German pork sausages I ordered. No pork smell, which was good enough I guess.

Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner and Gathering
Turkey dish for my sis. Generously portioned but the meat was rough.

Christmas Gift Exchange Dinner and Gathering
Got myself another ceramic glass again. Hahahha.

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