Friday, October 25, 2013

Bangkok Trip: Train from Butterworth

Spending 23 hours in a train from Butterworth to Bangkok may be one of the wildest and craziest things I ever imagined myself doing, and I did it!!! Yay to my virgin cross-country train voyage! Would this considered backpacking without traveling with an actual backpack? Hahaha, forgive my silliness.

I went without preparing anything to keep my tummy and mind entertained. Glad that my sis brought grapes, breads and some other tidbits and my brother-in-law brought Steve Jobs, the book. LOL. Oh well, I'm easy. As long as there's a socket for me to charge my phone, I'll be more than happy. Even happier if there's internet access on my handheld device. I was born a social media addict!!!

Bangkok Trip by Train
How silly I was to think that it'd be warm in the train. I picked the wrong outfit, spaghetti strap sleeveless shirt and short shorts *facepalm* Ended up I wore my Hello Kitty pjs throughout the entire journey, except when going down to have our passports stamped =p

Bangkok Trip by Train
My water bottle is my travel companion. It goes wherever I go.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Padi Fields
Padi fields and more padi fields outside the windows. Obviously, I expected too much.

Bangkok Trip by Train
It rained that late afternoon, drizzled a bit the next day and that's all. No more rain and no flood.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Hatyai
Hatyai Junction. We made it there around 8 plus.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Dinner on Train
Spicy and sour meals. It's basically what I have every time I visit Thailand.

Bangkok Trip by Train
But if you really don't fancy what you saw, don't worry. There'll be hawkers hopping on the train to sell all sort of native fruits, snacks and food during dinner and breakfast hours =)

Bangkok Trip by Train: Bunk Bed
At night right after dinner, our cabins were "transformed" into bunk-beds, two in each compartment. Blankets and pillows are provided, thankfully.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Ready to Crash
I slept on the lower berth, more spacious and stable compared to the upper one. Yet still, the rough and bumpy ride constantly woke me up from my beauty sleep =(

Bangkok Trip by Train: Breakfast in Bed
I want my breakfast!!! Our two meals on the train were served pretty late although the time difference is only an hour. I was starved til I nearly lost my sanity! Grrrrrrr!!!

Bangkok Trip by Train: Breakfast in Bed
Ham, sausages, eggs, and toast for myself.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Breakfast in Bed
Ham and cheese sandwiches for my sis. The chips were terribly soft and tasteless.

Bangkok Trip by Train: Arrival at Bangkok Train Station
We're finally at Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway Station! Exhausted after a long overnight train ride. A refreshingly hot shower was to die for.

Before I end this post, here's a list of Q&A that I thought might interest you:-

1. Which train did I take?
KTM Intercity Train. 2nd class (Standard Night) sleepers, upper and lower berths with curtains for privacy, air-conditioned.

2. What's the departure and arrival time?
It departs at 1430 daily and arrives at 1330 the next day
(Check out the train schedule for north and south line).

3. Total hours spent and distance?
23 hours, 1,161 km.

4. How much is the train fare?
RM111.90 for lower berth, RM103.90 for upper berth
(Check out more train fares here).

5. Are meals included?
Unfortunately, no. Our dinner plus breakfast on the train was RM35++ p.p. Just purchase them on the spot.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!! ♥

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