Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sick, Tired and Nearly Dead

My Birthday
I've been feeling very sick since the past few days. Sore throat, blocked nose, headache, sneezing and coughing constantly *rubs sore nose with tissue* I'm down with a terribly bad cold!!! Or flu I'm not even sure. Aww, how I hate all these pains I'm feeling right now. The flu shot I had earlier this year is obviously no help in protecting my body against influenza virus *frown* I miss looking fresh and healthy like weeks ago, happily enjoying mouth-watering Nyonya cuisine in a restaurant with besties ='(

Buffet Dinner at Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant
Buffet dinner at Ni Hao Chinese Restaurant on a random cold night. To be frank, the dishes were a lot smaller than standard servings, which could be good (get to taste more variety of food) and bad (appear to be less generous).

Fact is, with just $20 p.p., everything on the table is predicted to be as realistic as the price we paid for. Use of plastic plates to serve non-sizzling dishes, lack of plating and presentation, average service but thankfully, the food serving speed was pretty much fast in general. Here's a list of dishes we ordered:

1. Salt & Pepper Calamari - Very small portion. Only 6 pieces in a plate with more batter than squid.
2. Braised Duck with Ginger & Shallot - Very small portion. Sticky and salty.
3. Sizzling Garlic & Pepper Seafood - Sticky and salty.
4. Seafood & Tofu Pot - Sticky and dry. Tofu puffs were used rather than fried soft tofu, served on a plate instead of in a clay pot.
5. Braised Duck with Mushrooms - Garlic overkill. Very sticky and salty. Expect no Chinese mushrooms but canned button and straw mushrooms in this dish with barely few pieces of duck meat.
6. Sizzling Seafood in XO Sauce - Just average.

My Birthday
The birthday cake Mr. Choo got for me. Cake-cutting ceremony was held the night before since I had to work the whole day next day, my actual birthday #suckstobeme

Birthday Cake: Black Forest
Michel's Patisserie's Black Forest Gateau. Heavenly cherries and scrumptious black forest cake ♥

Birthday Gift: Longchamp
Birthday pressie from him this year. I seriously thought he was gonna get me a Fujifilm Instax Mini =p

Stone-Grill Birthday Lunch
Lunch date aka birthday treat by my lovely colleague. Atlantic Salmon on the Stone, yum, yum!

Birthday Cake: Chocolate Mud
Same month, two weeks later...
I surprised him with a chocolate mud cake and a heart shaped chocolate lollipop sitting nicely in our fridge, waiting for him to come back from work.

Potluck at Tan's
Dinner with Tan's family the other weekend. We've prepared a couple of dishes in square plates. A stir-fry mixed veggies in tomato sauce and a cold tofu dish topped with fried dried shrimps, fried spring onions, fried garlic mince, chopped coriander, a dash of white pepper and oyster sauce.

Outfit for the dinner gathering =)

New Splint
Progress of my injured wrist and thumb...
Week 1-5: A gigantic thermoplastic splint. I picked the colors myself, red and black.

Autumn / Fall Australia
Week 2-5: A more flexible thumboform to wear at home and night, thermoplastic splint at work.
Can't wait for my tendons to fully recover.


Dear readers,

Thanks for all your lovely comments and continual visits.
Hope I'll see you again soon! (✿◠‿◠)


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