Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday Afternoon's Picnic

Sunday Morning's Picnic
I'm gonna keep this post real short today, as I have a few errands to run in the city. You know, it's one of those days when time is at a premium and there are so many other things to be done. Alright, alright, just stay calm and keep writing, Christina. What I'm about to show you now is the lovely picnic we had with friends last Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Morning's Picnic
It was such a wonderful and beautiful morning at the Japanese Garden ♥

Sunday Morning's Picnic
But we were told the change of location soon after we arrived, to Kevin and Veny's place.

Sunday Morning's Picnic
Dessert tower: Lamingtons, apple and cinnamon and double choc mini muffins.

Sunday Morning's Picnic
Refreshing fruit and veggie salad.

Sunday Morning's Picnic
The rest of our picnic menus include:
  • Mixed entrees with prawns cutlets, calamari rings, curry puffs and spring rolls.
  • Cocktail party platter with mini party pies, sausage rolls, cocktail spring rolls and sweet chilli money bags.
  • Pumpkin and unknown flavored (forgot what they were) scones.
  • Roasted chicken.
  • Chips and rice crackers with cheese spread.
  • Soft drinks and  ice-creams.
  • Beers and wines. 

Sunday Morning's Picnic
Freezing cold Sunday afternoon. My left thumb and wrist were temporally immobilized and still are =(

Sunday Morning's Picnic
Bloated him. Btw, it's his birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, BB Choo!!! *muackz*

Sunday Morning's Picnic
The hyperactive super baby.

Sunday Morning's Picnic
Overexposed groupie. Missing Mr. Choo, Elvin and Preston's faces. Thanks everyone for the great food and effort to organize the picnic, and always treating us like we're part of the family =)


  1. It's good to see that you're still actively blogging. :)


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