Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Now or Never

Winter Outfit
Winter is approaching! Yay or nay? I have a love and hate relationship with cold weather. Love it as I would be able to wear them pretty winter coats and fluffy, furry stuff like these adorable pair of UGG boots I dug out of my shoerobe. Hate it 'cause it's such a pain to get out of my bed every morning, finding myself being wrapped up with layers and layers of clothes.

Winter Outfit
All dolled up for the housewarming party on the weekend. How you like my new floral print dress?
I picked it up when doing some girl shopping in town that afternoon.

Winter Outfit
Selfie with light make-up on #foreverthesame LOL

Winter Outfit
My dark roots have grown out so much that I look ridiculously hideous now *frown*
Should I keep the black or go for a touch-up? Decision, decision...

Winter Outfit
With 예쁜여자, Michelle =))

Snap Fitness Trial
I'm not and never really was a gym person. I love playing sports and always thought that gym is way too boring for people like me. But last Saturday, I had an adrenaline rush and signed up for a 3-day trial in a gym nearby the neighborhood. Well, not exactly nearby since it's about 10 minutes away by car.

Haha! So what? I drive to the gym just to walk on a treadmill =P

NIKE FREE 5.0 Women's Running Shoes
Nike Free 5.0 Women's Running Shoes which I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with at the moment. They're the most stretchable and most comfy pair of runners I ever tried on!!! I'll see how it goes (the trial I mean), then only decide whether or not I should join the membership before spending a fortune on all the necessary sportswear.

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