Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MOS Burger Brisbane: Eat Out Sunday

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
Time is going rather slow today. Every minute feels like an hour, every hour feels like a day... I'm totally exhausted!!! Because of lack of sleep in the past few days. Hmm, actually, I had the time and opportunity for a cat nap this morning after coming back from work. The silly me just gave it away for the sake of updating my blog. Blogging is my passion and I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed sharing my words and pictures here =)

Last Sunday, we treated ourselves some Japanese rice burgers at the Mountain Ocean Sun Burger in Queen Street Mall. Second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan after Maccas. Yeah, they're no ordinary burgers!!!

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
Cranberry Iced Tea with a slice of lemon conned by this enthusiastic Japanese flyer guy at the store front. He mentioned something about being the one and only franchise in Brisbane, but truth is, there's another in Sunnybank =p

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
*Slurpppp* Tasted just like those common packaged iced teas I'd say.

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
Its menu displaying a spread of Japanese-style rice and hamburgers.

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
I ordered Seafood Okonomi - $5.95 for myself and Seafood Kakiage - $5.45 for Mr. Choo.

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
Mr. Choo ignored my kind advise of trying something beef or pork. His seafood rice burger turned out to be a not-so-satisfying lunch for him that day. Haha!

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
Selfie ♥ I was quite happy with mine on the other hand. Replacing burger buns with rice buns is such a cool idea! Even cooler when they've got okonomiyaki-style seafood in them!!!

MOS Burger Queen Street Toowoomba
The exact location, lined between Top Sushi and Commonwealth Bank on Adelaide Street.

New Shanghai Queens Mall
New restaurant alerts! New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant (新上海) opened in Queens Plaza food court . Will check it out on our next trip for sure. Gotta rest, have a nice day and bye!

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