Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My First UGG Bedouin Boots (Chestnut)

My First Pair of UGG Boots
Yay to my very first pair of UGG boots, which I fervently welcomed into my shoedrobe on the first day of last Spring. Made out of genuine Australian premium sheepskin, bold stitching and soft shearling. Thank you soooooooooooo much, Mr. Choo *muackz*

Just looking at the boots, I remember Kenna James, a poker player who has come to be known as "Cowboy" on the poker tournament circuit for he also loves to wear hats, jeans and specially boots. You probably have known him since he once acted in an independent film and a soap opera. I wonder if he would like to wear some boots with fur too! Haha!!!

My First Pair of UGG Boots
Broad laces through eye-catching eyelets.

My First Pair of UGG Boots
Big love to those bronze tags ♥

My First Pair of UGG Boots
The Bedouin boots can either be worn with their "tongues" sitting straight up or...

My First Pair of UGG Boots
Simply roll them down to add a little cute and fluffiness to the overall look.

By the way, it's the Australia Day this Saturday! *cheers with excitement* I'm really looking forward to spending the long weekend catching up with friends, barbecue lunch, birthday dinner, and possibly a full day island tour or two with Mr. Choo on the east coast.


Dear readers,

Thanks for all your lovely comments and continual visits.
Hope I'll see you again soon! (✿◠‿◠)


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