Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alive and Cooking

Home Cooked Braised Chicken
I'm back! *hachu* Did any of yas miss me? The weather has been ridiculously hot these few days, WAY TOO HOT that I feel sick just sitting in front of the fan that blows me constant hot air. Our unit is like a "hot stove" in the summer afternoons.

Today, we came home to this little hot stove after watching "The Hobbit" (which was awesome btw), then started to prepare all the ingredients needed for dinner tonight.

Mr. Choo, you should be thrilled and thankful to have me back in the kitchen =p

Home Cooked Braised Chicken
Simply affordable and delicious Braised Whole Chicken! What's left is the dipping sauce and a couple more dishes to lay my hands on.

Home Cooked Meals
Tick, tock, tick, tock... Yay, our glorious home cooked dinner for two is ready (♥♥,)

Homemade Wombok Kimchi
A cookie jar full of homemade Wombok / Nappa Cabbage Kimchi (a traditional fermented Korean dish) seasoned with daikon radish, spring onions, minced fresh ginger and garlic, Korean red pepper powder, fish sauce, and some sugar. It's slightly different from the recipe I followed last time. A lot tastier!!!

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
Dinner at Cucina by Toscanis Southbank a fair while ago. Apparently the restaurant was understaffed on a busy Saturday night. Service was slow like snail. We waited forever to place our order and the kitchen took ages to cook up something which led us to more and more disappointments.

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
Crusty Cobb with olive oil and balsamic vinegar - $6.90. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
I had a fettuccine with smoky bacon, fresh egg, shallots and paprika in cream Parmesan sauce - $18.50 and it was oh-so creamy and salty. It's a shame how most of the white sauce pasta I tasted so far were nothing much but salt overkill.

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
Their turn to taste.

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
Spaghetti with prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels, bugs, garlic, basil, roma tomato, soft herbs and lemon oil - $20. Again, an excessive saltiness has ruined this otherwise considerably pretty decent dish.

Cucina by Toscanis Southbank Restaurant
Penne with sauteed chicken, porcini mushrooms, baby spinach, tomato, garlic thyme and cream - $19. My opinion? Don't even bother wasting your precious time and money to dine here.

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  1. Lovely blog you have here Christina : ) Thank you for sharing!

    Leah Nicolette

  2. Yummm yum - I have missed your posts - I really enjoy reading about what you have been doing/eating! How do you get such amazing photos in restaurants (mine turn out so dark) I have a nikon d90 but try not to use flash because it washes out the photo.. I would love you advice or tips.
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

    1. Hi Emily, it's been a while since I last see you here, hehe~ How was your Christmas and New Year?

      I avoid using flash either when shooting low-light photos. Hope you find this article helpful ♥

    2. I had an awesome xmas break thanks - looks like you had a good time too! Thanks for the link to the article, I am always learning something new :)

    3. Hehe, you're most welcome =)

      Another great tip is to momentarily hold your breath when pressing down the shutter button on camera. Good luck!


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