Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre-Valentine's Day

Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping
It was pouring down so hard this afternoon but I insisted to go out cause first, I was already dressed up and second, I didn't wanna ruin my master plan to survey what to get for my BB tomorrow. Yes, Valentine's Day is just one day away from us!!! How excited! And I think I kinda have an idea of what gift I'll be giving to my beloved HIM. Ssshhh... I'm not gonna tell anyone... yet.

Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping
Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers and singles ❤

Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping
A bouquet of red roses.

Pre-Valentine's Day Shopping
#Lovestruck, Vera Wang's newest fragrance for HER. Just so you know, the ad campaign features my most favorite star from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester which you might also be interested in seeing here.

Home-made Agar Agar with Coconut Jelly
Out of the blue, I made some Agar Agar with Coconut Jelly today, one orange flavored, one rose flavored. Huge success this time, as both the flavors and textures were right about perfect. 

Home-made Lao Shu Fen Noodle Soup
Home Cooked Silver Needle Noodle (银针粉) / Lou Syu Fun (老鼠粉) / Bee Thai Bak (米苔目)Soup for dinner tonight. Simple dish, but it actually took me quite a lot of time to prepare the soup base and ingredients.

Free Chocolate Larva Cake from Domino's
Two FREE Chocolate Larva Cakes we claimed from Domino's last night.

Free Chocolate Larva Cake from Domino's
We got them by submitting a 200 words long essay on how we would like to taste its signature desserts and... Kidding!!! Just a "like" for Domino's Pizza Australia on Facebook, you silly ;p


  1. You look gorgeous in red posing some more :) hahaha xoxo

    1. LoL, thanks buddy & Happy Valentine's Day to u ;p

  2. Hope you have a great Valentines Day!


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