Friday, February 24, 2012

Living My Life...

White Lace Top
How have you missed me? It has been days since I last showed you my face. To keep you updated, here are some of my photos taken with iPhone 4S. Still the same old dark haired me that needs a haircut and possibly a hairstyle makeover too.

White Lace Top
I bought a new white lace top recently. What's so special about it is...

White Lace Top
Its ribbon back ❤ Mad love ❤

Post Office: Parcel Pick-Uo
On the same day, I went collected two parcels from the post office. YAY! Finally, my long awaited Valentine's Day pressies!!! Stay tuned, if you wanna know what's inside ;p

Floral Dress
A lovely white and grey floral strapless dress. I had a try on it, but didn't really buy it cause, out of budget = out of mind =/

Little Chickie Gingerbread
Saw this cute little chickie gingerbread at Coles. Easter is approaching everybody!

Donut King: Donuts & More
Some sweet treats we got from Donut King, $5 for 4 pieces. Great bargain right? The trick is to buy them only when closing to the end of a business day. Nothing's more important than saving money at this stage.

Home Cooked Steamed Pork Ribs with Salty Soy Beans
My first attempt tonight: Steamed Pork Ribs (豆豉蒸排骨) with salted soy bean, minced garlic, tapioca starch, light soy sauce, sugar, white pepper powder, sesame oil, rice wine, and some cut red chillies to garnish. Considerably quite successful for a first-timer! Very well flavored, soft, and juicy.

Home Cooked Salty Fish Rice
Another dish I prepared the other day which I liked it very much. Fried rice with salty fish, green peas, bacon, egg, Chinese mushroom, and garnished with fried shallot, coriander, and cut red chillies.

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