Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

When comes to dinner time, we had a plan to visit Sono for some Japanese cuisine, but unfortunately the restaurant is not opened on Sundays. So plan changed, we headed down to Little Singapore to have dinner instead. Surprisingly, the meals we ordered came in an incredibly huge portion, just like the Little Hong Kong Restaurant in Sunnybank. But I'm not sure whether to consider ourselves lucky or not, as merely 12 hours after (the next early morning) we consumed their food, both my boi and I were diagnosed with food poisoning. The constant nausea and diarrhea were painfully killing us two, and obviously ruined our fun trip to the Gold Coast.

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

BBQ Pork & Roasted Duck with Rice (叉烧烧鸭饭) - $14.50

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

The BBQ pork was nasty, crispy pork belly was not crispy. Other than that, the food tasted alright.

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

Crispy Pork Belly Rice (炭火冰烤三层肉饭) - $12.50

Little Singapore Restaurant Brisbane

Taro Milk Tea (芋香奶茶) and Winter Melon Tea (冬瓜茶) in pretty tall glasses, $3.50 each.

Address: 42, Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia.
Contact: (07) 3211 1177

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  1. oh, Australia have Little Singapore, hehe...

  2. Somewhere in Singapore:
    Yeah, unbelievable isn't it? ;)

  3. Nava.K:
    Yeah, great food that came in huge portion!^^


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