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Hong Kong Trip Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

Our second and third night accommodation was at the Cosmic Guest House (宇宙宾馆), located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀). After a long tired day, we thought that we could finally take a good rest in a nice and comfy room but who knows, things were just the opposite, no good rest, no nice and comfy room, and definitely no good night sleep *unhappy* It felt as if we have fallen from heaven to hell, compared to our first night accommodation at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel.

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

We were badly bitten by the bed bugs that night ='(

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

Our room was just the size of a regular bathroom *double unhappy*

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

It was originally a bathroom we supposed, by looking at its structure and the mirrors all over the place.

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

Look at the size of the bathroom / toilet!!! *triple unhappy*
A person would have to stand or sit on the toilet bowl to bath?! T.T

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

One of the beautiful buildings around us.

Hong Kong Day 2: Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui

After shower, we headed down to the sleepless Nathan Road (弥敦道) to hunt for food.

Hong Kong Day 2: Cosmic Guest House in Tsim Sha Tsui

iSquare, a 31-story high shopping mall located at 63 Nathan Road.

Hong Kong Day 2: McDonald's Tsim Sha Tsui

We managed to find the nearest 24-hour McCafe somewhere across the road.

Hong Kong Day 2: McDonald's Tsim Sha Tsui

Yum~ We ordered McSpicy Chicken Fillet and Sausage McMuffin with Egg, delicious! =D~

Hong Kong Day 2: 7 Eleven Tsim Sha Tsui

Some snacks and drinks we bought before going back to the guest house.

Address: 54 - 56B, Nathan Road, Hong Kong.
Contact: +852 2369 6669


  1. HK is a 寸土如金 place. There are nice hotel with big room, just that the price is super high. So, best way is to accept if not willing to fork out too much money in accommodation :)

  2. haan:
    Yeah, I agreed. Those hotel rooms there are really pricey =x

  3. hi, what room at cosmic guesthouse did u availed for and how much was it?


  4. johannes_ignac11:
    Hi there, it was about RM55 per night for a double room with 1 double bed, RM120 per night for a slightly better double room with 2 single beds =)

  5. I'm trying to book for a room in Comic Guesthouse. What type of room did you book when you went to Hong Kong? Is this their single en suite (1 double bed)?

  6. marxtermind:
    Yep, or you may choose to have 2 single beds instead =)

  7. Thanks Christina! I think it's OK as long as there's a private bathroom. How much did it cost you for the room?

  8. Hi Christina,
    Happy to read your review at cosmic. I asked for a quote and a guy named Jeremy replied me as below :
    Twin ensuite with windows - 2 single beds at HKD300/night.
    I tried to look for rooms within RM 120 but can't get at Yau Ma Tei & Tsim sha tsui. All rooms are min HKD 300 up. So small & expensive!

  9. Anonymous:
    Hi there, are you sure you called the right number? We got the single ensuite with 1 double bed for only HK $180/night/room, twin ensuite with 2 single beds for about RM 120/night/room.

    Perhaps it's holiday season now at the end of year and the rate increased...

  10. Hi Christina,

    Yeah, its Cosmic guest house at Nathan Road, TST. Maybe it's the holiday season lah, I'm still researching other hostels. Can u tell me whether walking to MRT station is far from the guest house? Anything nice to walk around that area? Thanks!


  11. Anonymous:
    Hi Jessica,

    The Guest House is really close to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station (Exits D1 or D2 I forgotten). The building can be seen as soon as you walk out of the subway ;)

  12. Hi,

    I am thinking to book the room. May I know is it really got bed bugs?

  13. Anonymous:
    Hi, I think so, but maybe only that particular twin ensuite with one double bed which we slept for the first two nights. We quickly changed to a better and more expensive room with two single beds right after and we were alright =)


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