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SMS About Nuclear Plant Explosion In Fukushima Japan and Acid Rain

I received a text from my mommy late last night saying...

1) A nuclear power plant in Fukumi, Japan exploded at 4:30 AM today. If it rains tomorrow or later, don't go outside. If you are outside, be sure that you have rain protectors. It's acid rain. Don't let it touch you. You may burn your skin, lose your hair or have cancer. Please pass, stay safe and remind everyone you know.

2) BBC FLASHNEWS: Japan govt confirms radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear plants. Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Remain indoors first 24hrs. Close doors n windows. Swab neck skin with betadine where thyroid area is, radiation hits thyroid first. Take extra precaution, radiation may hit phil at startng 4pm 2day. Pls send to ur love ones"

I only get to read about it this morning since I've been practicing “early to bed, early to rise” for quite a while now. As a curious person who does not simply believe in something blindly without verification, I went google-ing for the keywords, "nuclear plant explosion Fukushima Japan acid rain", and the result leads me to this article here...
PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 14, 2011 – Do not panic. Read the update report and listen to the authorities.

Government officials and World Health Organization yesterday urged the public to stop panic over nuclear radiation in Japan to the Philippines, while the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Board makes use of unscrupulous people stop transmitting messages Text only serve to cause panic.

Japan has avoided the collapse of a mixture in a nuclear reactor hit followed by a second explosion rocked the hydrogen system. This rescuers combed survived the tsunami battered the northern part of Japan, which was destroyed on Friday, 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami. The Japanese authorities have notified about 10,000 people died.

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute said radiation levels remain normal in the country.

Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration denied SMS message will be "acid rain" in the country, apparently due to radioactive clouds from Japan.

Ordinario meteorologist Raymond said it was impossible for a steam engine or a nuclear leak to cause acid rain, because it contains no gaseous elements such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen.

"Sulfur dioxide is the main cause of acid rain ... Nuclear plants produce no air pollutants such as sulfur. Kaya na po impossible makapag-produce ng ITO acid rain, "he said.

Some text messages spread yesterday quoted the British Broadcasting Corp. as saying Japan had confirmed a leak in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. He added that "Asian countries should take necessary precautions. Stay indoors for 24 hours. Close doors and windows. Swab the neck skin with Beta when your thyroid gland is the thyroid radiation early success. Take extra precautions, the radiation struck the Philippines begins 4:00 today. "

As the BBC reported yesterday that there was another explosion, and quoted officials as saying "the heart of the reactor was still intact."

Another text has warned of serious skin burns if they come and get wet by rain.

"We call on not making jokes about everything right now because our neighbors will be affected ... It is a serious matter," said Benito Ramos, Executive Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Civil Defense NDRRMC competitor.

"We want to allay the fears of our neighbors. Do not worry it will not be affected ... Do not listen to (for text). You must have the authorities," he added.


Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, WHO representative said that the country does not need to overreact to even more Japan.

"There is no cause for undue alarm. We are not close to Japan. We barriers of the sea wind conditions do not come to the Philippines. This is favorable for us. (Y), but something that happens, for now, I have any information in Japan, there is a risk to public health, "he said.

"Even if things are happening, that radioactive materials in the Philippines, not a matter of public safety at least. Even in Japan, has no effect except in the vicinity of the plants, he said.

The radiation level

The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that there was no radiation reading high despite the explosion at the plant in Fukushima.

"Our level of background radiation are still normal ... There is nothing to fear," said Dost, PNRI Director Alumanda Dela Rosa.

She said that small amounts of radiation were released from the plant in Fukushima does not pass the territory of the Philippines, as the wind continues to move eastward.

"The direction of the smoke still seems to get away from the direction of the country (Philippines). The smoke carried by the northeast monsoon," she said.

In the case of a collapse in Fukushima, Dela Rosa said molten fuel should remain in the containment of stainless steel, preventing the release into the environment.

Dela Rosa said Dost-PNRI is to follow the evolution of Fukushima every six hours through its 24-hour merger with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The view Dost, a study by Fukushima plume track website World Meteorological Organization, based in Melbourne, Australia showed that the plume where the incident would not enter the area of ​​the Philippines, 14 March.

Scientific Secretary Mario Montejo said, citing reports by the IAEA containment remains unchanged Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1, 2 and 3

"Fukushima reactor design is different from that of the Chernobyl nuclear plant," he said. "In the case of a collapse in Fukushima, the liquid fuel must remain in the stainless steel containment, preventing its release into the environment."

Chernobyl did not have a concrete reactor building and the shield of steel containment, "he added.


Parents influenced by the messages and rumors University suspended classes yesterday.

In a statement, PUP, said the president Dante Guevarra said, "all classes PUP campus Luzon and Metro Manila were suspended in order to allay the anxiety of hundreds of parents who have spoken, and who require their children studying at the University said. "

"The action can also remove all the fear and stress may be associated with the location of the university, which is very close to the fuel tank of toxic gases emitted Pandacan, sometimes," he said. - Angela Lopez de Leon, Pablo and Icamina Ashzel Hachero.

Source: healthinfos.net

Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan said radiation has spread from the three reactors of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in one of the hardest-hit provinces in Friday's 8.9-magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami. He told people living within 12 miles (20 kilometers) of the plant to evacuate and those within 19 miles (30 kilometers) to stay indoors. "The level seems very high, and there is still a very high risk of more radiation coming out," Kan said.

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  1. Certainly sms of this kind could be very disturbing but the sender meant good..Thanks for clearing the sulfur dioxide thingy..we can see clearly now that the acid rain is gone haha. tQ.


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