Friday, March 11, 2011

Charmed By GUESS on Valentine's Day

Charmed By GUESS: Box

Tada!!! Here comes my Valentine's Day pressie post after being delayed for 398526 hours... Shall we take a look at what's inside now?

Charmed By GUESS: Bracelet

It's a silver GUESS bracelet comes in a collectible book-like box and includes a sweet Valentine's Day heart charm which goes perfectly well with the GUESS Red Crystal Heart Necklace I've got last year *evil grin* Also, there is this booklet attached showcasing the full line of collectible GUESS charms.

Charmed By GUESS: UBC11001

Model: UBC11001 - GUESS Shoe Charm
A peep toe shoe charm with G logo at the front, GUESS logo inside, and Swarovski crystals at the sides.

Charmed By GUESS: UBC81007

Model: UBC81007 - GUESS Square Padlock Charm
A lock charm with cut out heart, Swarovski crystal and GUESS logo.


  1. Wow...very nice charm :). I wonder how big is your Guess collection now...hehe.

  2. emotionalistic:
    Thanks~ Ahem, I have quite a big collection of Guess stuff now, but mostly are accessories :D

    Yvon S:
    Thanks, babe!

    Thank you =)

    elims Chuang 光宏 said:
    LoL!~ Thanks ;)


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