Monday, January 10, 2011

Flash Floods Hits Toowoomba 10.01.2011

After several consecutive days of  heavy rain, flash floods (which is also called the "Inland Tsunami") finally hits Toowoomba today, the city where my boi and I currently living in. I feel so so lucky that I'm still sitting here in my room, safe and sound, and updating my blog like I usually do. Thank goodness our car was not washed down by the flood, damaged or whatsoever. Let's together pray for the heavy rain to go away, the Rain God has showered too much love on us already.

FYI, the Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Click here to donate to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal today! (financial donations only)

West Creek at the Herries St. Bridge.

West Creek at the Margaret St.

Dent St.

Corner of Herries and Kitchener St.

Goggs St.

Corner of Prescott and James St.

Towns and cities that have been affected by the Queensland floods
Towns and cities that have been affected by the Queensland floods.


  1. Oh dear my goodness that's bad real bad for the Garden City..hope & pray for the safety of the residents. Glad to know you & your boi are safe. Take care.

  2. oh gosh!!! must be more be careful and take care there ah!!! but gd news u all r fine here...:D

  3. I hope nothing bad will happen to ya... if anything please save your TV first LOL okay I'm kidding.

    May you and your boi boi be safe.


  4. Bananazஇ:
    Thanks for showing your concern =) You take care too!

    Yeah, that was a great relief, not washed away by the flash flood or anything. Thanks Eric! *hugs*

    As long as we stay home, nothing bad would happen to us... as for our TV, it should be fine since the building is a double-storey one :p

    Thanks and cheers! ^^

  5. I was surprised and sad to hear that Toowoomba, Brisbane and other parts of Queensland have such terrible flood. Hope that everything will be back to normal very soon.

  6. ColinJong:
    I'm hoping the same too... now that the flash flood has spread throughout NSW and Victoria :[


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