Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whiter Than You Ever Imagined

As what I said in the afternoon, I'm truly amazed by myself for being able to grow up and stay in this small town for so many years. I spent most of my time "molding" at home ever since I came back to my hometown. It drives me crazy when I don't even have transportation to go to the places I want. I desperately wanna blog about my 3D2N KL shopping trip but the problem is that my "antique" laptop doesn't have the card reader which supports the memory card used by my Sony camera. I'm speechless now, aren't you too?

Anyways, it doesn't matter now cause tomorrow I'll be going to Youth Park (yes, the one in penang) for hiking again! Yay, I can feel my heart beats once again...

Did you notice that the shape of my hairbun and fringe looked different now?
Yeah, I got myself a shorter / thinner haircut for the sake of the hot weather.

The answer for the question I asked on Facebook (add me) and Twitter (follow me) just now is... TADA!

KFC Cheesy Wedges

KFC Cheesy Wedges!!! The KFCs in Australia have snacks like crispy strips, popcorn chicken and wicked wings but NOT cheesy wedges! What's worse? No free dipping sauces!


  1. you look cute in the photos.. but the quality of photos mmmmm loook not good.

  2. CH Voon:
    Thanks, those photos are taken with iPhone and I purposely turned them into this white-ish effect.

    I guess my PS skill is really bad then =x

  3. why you not go to bed?
    it is 2.39am ....

    currently i at istanbul waiting for departure... 2 hours to go..

    good night!

  4. CH Voon:
    Erm, going to sleep now...

    Fly safe and good night!

  5. CNY coming liao lo still eat KFC ah :) fat leh hehehhehe

    Cheers XOXO

  6. Netster:
    I know, but they're irresistibly yummylicious :P


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