Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Year: Old Schoolmates Reunion

Old Schoolmates Reunion

On the fourth night of Chinese New Year, all of us were invited to an "Old Schoolmates Reunion BBQ Party" held at Daniel's house. Thanks to those who made the food and BBQ facilities available to us :) It was one of the best reunions I attended so far, looking forward to see you guys again (next Chinese New Year if possible). I love and miss you guys a lot!

Old Schoolmates Reunion

My bbf, Mei Xuan. I haven't seen her for ages and now she's happily married with an adorable baby girl. 幸福的女人!

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Girls and only GIRLS!
We actually had more girls in our class but most of them couldn't make it to the reunion this year.

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Photo with my besties, Daniel and Mei Xuan.

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Groupie one: My primary schoolmates (cowboys and cowgirls).

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Groupie two: My secondary and primary schoolmates.

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Daniel. They call him the UK guy since he has just completed his Bachelor's over there.

Old Schoolmates Reunion

Jia How, a very very busy workaholic.
He was rushed for several times before he actually got there.

P.S. Credits to Mei Xuan for all the photos taken with her camera (I somehow forgotten to bring mine).


  1. gong xi gong xi...

    wah bbq and fav and can chit chat....

  2. That's the good thing about going out with friends who love taking photos, so we can finally sit back and relax...hehe.

  3. vialentino:
    Gong Xi, Gong Xi =D

    I haven't had charcoal bbq for ages! Really miss it a lot!~

    Haha, that's so true! I get to eat and bbq more rather than taking photos of / for others :P


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