Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hiking in Youth Park, Penang

Youth Park: Hiking
We went to hike Penang's Youth Park this late afternoon (around 6 pm), after visiting my little bro in Sg. Petani, Kedah. He is currently still in the National Service Training Camp and will only be back to celebrate Chinese New Year for a few days.

Anyways, this is one of the scenes that you'd expect to see if you were to hike up the hill these few days or maybe weeks. Wow, autumn in Malaysia? Think again...

Youth Park: Hiking
Me and my sis. I looked (or I already am) so chubby standing next to her =x

Youth Park: Hiking
Warren with his baby girl, Whisper and me ;)

Youth Park: Hiking
Two sisters and baby Whisper!

Youth Park: Hiking
I was praying and begging for drinking water as soon as we made it to no.3 (that's how people call it) or station 3. But there wasn't any for me, not even a single drop! It happened two times in a roll within these two weeks, what can I say...

Youth Park: Hiking
Thankfully "皇天不负有心人", there were plenty of drinks (tea, coffee and plain water) waiting for us when we hiked up to no.5

Youth Park: Hiking
Baby Whisper, "Auntie, can I please have some kopi-o too?"


  1. yes i agree with you.

    You look fat standing next to ur sister.

    but dont feel sad because...

    You look thin when Warren stand beside you for sure!

  2. I've only hike there once and always go for BJ hill cause it's nearer to my house. So how long did you take to hike up?

  3. CH Voon:
    Aiyo, is that a compliment or what? >"<

    A great city with great food and great night life indeed! ^^

    Oh, I've been to Youth Park for several times but never really been to the one in BJ, how is it like there?

    I don't remember exactly how much time we took to hike up the hill, roughly within one hour including photo taking, resting and such ;)

  4. hi, nice to see your blog mention the no.3 hill, do you mind to put the official link of station 3 at your website, we are from station 3. Just link us with "youth park station 3"


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