Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathing Baby Whisper

Bathing Whisper the Maltese

It was my first time bathing / showering a doggie that day, when Warren (the daddy) agreed to let me (the auntie) babysit his baby girl, Whisper for one night.

Bathing Whisper the Maltese

Baby Whisper was so "guai" and she didn't even make any noise when we were bathing her.

Bathing Whisper the Maltese

I can't help kissing baby Whisper on her nose. Don't be scared, auntie sayang k...

Bathing Whisper the Maltese

Baby Whisper's nude pic! xD
She looked so innocent and posing helplessly under her daddy's "strong" arms.

Bathing Whisper the Maltese

The daddy "torturing" his baby girl with a scissor =x

P.S. Stay tuned if you'd like to see more photos of baby Whisper, after bathing :))


  1. I like the nude picture. So cute! x_x

  2. So cute... But don't keep him wet for too long, he might catch a cold~~

    Can't wait for more pictures :)

  3. what a pity baby whisper :(

    Pity baby whisper:"jie jie let me down and dry me asap, i feel down cold, do you realises that!!!"

  4. emotionalistic:
    She does looked cute and pity at the same time =x

    BeverLy's Secret:
    Yeah, I was told the same thing too. We blow-dried her hair as soon as we were done showering her :)

    CH Voon:
    Hehe, I just couldn't help taking naked photos of her :P


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