Sunday, January 3, 2010

Something For My Beloved Family

Things For My Family

Pearl Earrings for my mommy.

Things For My Family

Jeff Bank Tri-Fold Wallet for my daddy.

Things For My Family

Australian Lanolin Cream (1kg x 3).

Things For My Family

Dolce & Gabbana Gift Set with 50ml Light Blue and Refreshing Body Cream for my sis.
All of them were bought during Christmas and New Year Sales, and there'll be more coming up next!

P.S. 21 more days before I go back to Malaysia (Perak, Penang and KL). You may wanna start making appointments with me now, as I only have one month to yumcha, shopping and camwhore with you ;)


  1. Wow. Perak, Penang and KL? So where are you from?

  2. emotionalistic:
    Perak is my hometown, but I used to be studying in Penang before I came here. As for KL, my daddy is there ;)

  3. Just in time 4 CNY ... :)

  4. wow..u coming back to msia....sumore will be at perak, penang and KL....1 month enuff meh?

  5. Jre:
    Yep, that's the main purpose of going back this time... To collect more "Ang Pao" and to taste all those good food prepared on CNY =D~

    I think so, I'll only be spending most of my time in Perak and Penang, a few days in KL maybe...


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