Monday, October 19, 2009

Women's Nature: Shopping

Shopping Items: Floral Scarf & Blue Casual Top

Shopping is women's nature, I'm pretty sure that most people would agree with my saying. Nowadays, not only girls like shopping, even guys can't resist the sweet temptations. To make sure that you're not becoming one of those big money spenders, you need to know how to shop wisely and controllably. I'd would also love to share some of my shopping items with you, which includes the floral scarf and the blue casual sleeveless top I'm wearing above.

Shopping Items: Yellow & White Flower Hairband and Earrings

A yellow & white flower hairband and a pair of turquoise earrings.

Shopping Items: Golden Bronze Earrings & Hairband

Golden bronze hairband and earrings.

Shopping Items: Headbands

Hairbands in different colors: black, brown, gold and silver.

Shopping Items: Pink Mobile Cover & Mobile Chain

Pink mobile accessories (mobile chain and mobile cover).

Shopping Items: Casual Black & White Kitty Top

A cute and casual black & white kitty top.

Shopping Items: Black Ginger Skirt & Brown Butterfly Waist Belt

Black ginger skirt and butterfly waist belt in brown.

Shopping Items: Light Denim (Front)

Light denim short pants (front).

Shopping Items: Light Denim (Back)

Light denim short pants (back).

Shopping Items: Black Handbag

I've bought two handbags lately, one in black and another one is in white.

Shopping Items: White Handbag

Both of them come with handbag charms and reasonably good stitching. I'll tell you why I chose NOT to continue supporting Guess handbags anymore, but in my future post.

Shopping Items: Roman Style Sandals

My most favorite Roman-style sandals! Unfortunately, one of the gold square studs happened to be lost... I seriously need to know where can I buy one to replace it back, anyone?


  1. This is the outcome for one day shopping????

    Geng! Geng! Geng!

  2. CH Voon:
    Not one day but within one whole month @_@

  3. How I wish I could shop like you. Every time I go shopping, would back home with empty hands! :(

  4. Xiaopei:
    Why is that? You can't find the things you're looking for?

  5. Some people lack restraint when shopping. I have friends who max out their credit cards on reckless shopping. I enjoy shopping myself, and you are right, what girls don't like shopping? Guys are into fashion more so than ever so they are out there in the malls too. Nice chic items you bought.

  6. Rose Belle:
    Thanks ;) I prefer to shop with someone or people who can give me opinions, cause I always have headache when deciding which to buy.


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