Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our New and First 42" Plasma TV

New 42" Plasma TV

Our new and very first 42-inch HD plasma TV has finally arrived.

New 42" Plasma TV

Its large screen size is just perfect for home theatre.

New 42" Plasma TV

Here comes the most anticipated opening ceremony!!!

New 42" Plasma TV

We've successfully set up the plasma TV all by ourselves and it's also connected to our Logitech X-530 surround speakers, Toshiba Satellite M100 laptop and Nintendo Wii console.

New 42" Plasma TV

We love our new plasma TV to bits!!! From now on, we may fully utilize the big screen for gaming, movie watching or even Facebook-ing too?! That is way too aweeeesome!!!


  1. waloayeh!!! sibeh big wor!! for gaming and facebook? geng! >.<"

  2. Wow....that's too huge for Facebook-ing, right? :P

  3. wawawah !!!!
    rich girl !!!!
    so enjoy !!!!!!
    buy another one for me thx~~<(_ _)>
    enjoy it??

  4. wah! next time if you go home? are you plan to take it back? hehehehe

    Dont drop into rubbish ok... :P

  5. elims Chuang 光宏:
    Not only for these, we may use it for other purposes also ;)

    It's super duper nice!!!~

    Definitely too large for Facebook-ing! I was just kidding about it @_@

    Yeah, enjoying it to the fullest!!! xD

    CH Voon:
    Hehe, I'll be staying here for another few more years.
    I never plan to take it back home or drop it into the rubbish bin... it's our precious, k? :P

    elims Chuang 光宏:
    Umm, take a guess? ^^

  6. 42" is the right size for Wii~~ Have fun!!

    p/s: your plasma is quite reflective though... Sorry, I unintentionally glimpse on the background. maybe you can show us your house next time :)

  7. BeverLy's Secret:

    Don't be sorry ;) This is just our double room and I've already posted some photos of our unit back in 2007 ;)

  8. wah..
    few day didn't enter your blog...
    and you got your Plasma TV!!

  9. Johnny:
    Yeah, just made up our minds a few days ago. My boi has been "surveying" the price of LCD/Plasma TVs at the local stores for quite some time and we finally found the best deal in town! =D

  10. christina, you will still be staying in Twb for another few more years!!??

    i will be going to Twb in Nov.. maybe stay 2-3 months..

  11. haan:
    Wow, that's awesome!!! Just remember to contact me when you're here ;)
    I'll be staying in Toowoomba until my graduation next year (somewhere in Sept) and then I'm not sure which city I'll be heading to...

  12. oh, one more year.. i thought u r going to finish your PhD there :)

    u know the AG Computer store? I will be there helping my friend out when they go back to Malaysia.. I think we will have a lot of chances to meet..

    will leave u a msg on ur blog when I'm there.. i fly to Bne on 3 Nov.. hopefully can reach TWB at night..

  13. haan:
    Hehe, nope ;)

    Yeah the one in Uni Plaza. Yen is my coursemate and we play badminton together every Friday ^^

    Cool then~ I'll only go back to Malaysia for the coming CNY (mid of Jan - Feb). Looking forward to see u soon!


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