Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gold Coast Trip: Lancome Make-Up Products

Brisbane: Queen Street

A week before my boi's graduation day, we went on a little shopping trip to Gold Coast and I got myself a set of Lancome make-up products. It was my very first set of make-up products! No kidding!!! I only put on make-up like once in a blue moon? But now, I think it's necessary for me to pick up some make-up tips and tutorials.

Brisbane: Queen Street

Just ignore my ugly Japanese hair bun, it was a total failure >.<"

Brisbane: Queen Street

We found these cute metal wallabies deco at one of the streets in Brisbane city centre.

Brisbane: Queen Street Mall

In front of the Queen Street Mall...

Brisbane: Queen Street Mall

Taking a break from shopping.

Lancome Makeup Products

FREE Lancome Trésor fragrance, Effacernes Longue Tenue (long lasting softening concealer), Pinceau Eyeliner (eyeliner brush), Color Ideal (precise match skin-perfecting make-up foundation), La Base Pro (perfecting smoothing effect make-up primer), FREE Bi-Facil (non-oily instant cleanser / make-up remover), Pinceau Fond De Teint (foundation brush) and Ink Artliner (long wear calligraphy gel eyeliner).

Lancome Free Gifts

Lancome FREE gift pack: Virtuose Black Carat (divine lasting curves & length mascara), Star Bronzer (sun-kissed bronzing powder), Juicy Tubes (ultra shiny hydrating lip gloss) and Teint Idole Ultra (enduringly divine comfort make-up foundation).

Gold Coast Trip

Sitting in our Nissan Micra (I wish). See any difference on my face?

Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise

It's me with make-up done by the Lancome make-up artist.

Sunnybank: Little Hong Kong

We spent almost one and a half hour hanging around at Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise then only headed back to Brisbane again.

Sunnybank: Little Hong Kong

Little Hong Kong (小香港) in Sunnybank, is the Chinese restaurant where we had our dinner. I ordered some of my long-time-no-eat dishes like braised egg & tofu and roasted chicken & duck.

Sunnybank: Little Hong Kong

Their roasted dishes were really good, highly recommended!


  1. I can see a little difference in your face, but girl YOU DON'T NEED MAKE-UP! :P You have such a beautiful, even skin tone so I think it's a good thing that you only wear make-up once in a blue moon. (Oh and I'm totally jealous of this, haha)

  2. Katie:
    Thanks Katie, you're making me blush now *^.^*
    I need to learn how to put on some light make-up when attending special occasions like dinners or functions ;) Hehe...


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