Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Boi's 24th Birthday: Chocolate Cake

My boy's birthday celebration

Many of my friends (including my boi and I) are Tauruses and Geminies who celebrated their birthdays in this month - May 2009. As I'm writing this post, it has already come to the last day of our birthday month. How sad and heavy-hearted I am now...

My boy's birthday celebration

In the afternoon, we collected this chocolate birthday cake from the Cheesecake shop.
It was our third time visiting the shop within this month!

My boy's birthday celebration

My boi and Alex both wore the same color (red) T-shirts on their birthdays.
While myself, on the other hand, coincidentally wore black and white on those particular days.

My boy's birthday celebration

The faces of these two gentlemen again...

My boy's birthday celebration

My unique and outstanding "coconut tree", I was referring to my hair!

My boy's birthday celebration

As usual, we sang him birthday song, followed by wishing, cake cutting and eating. We had a little chit-chatting and played with the guinea pig for a short while before going home with Alex's Nintendo DSi. My boi has been holding that gadget in his hands since last night >.<"


  1. Happy Birthday to your boi~!
    Time flies.

  2. Thanks, Johnny and yeah, time flies... we're getting older and older now *sob sob*


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