Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess My Age...

Royal Asian: Nike

My birthday is approaching in a couple of days, the most anticipated yet the most dreaded day of the year. Why would I say so? It's simply because everyone gets older on their birthday, neither am I. For those people who frequently visit my blog, do you actually know my real age? If you don't, just have a wild guess by looking at these pictures. No cheating, k? I know that you aren't stupid and might started to think of browsing through my blog history.

Royal Asian: Nike

So what would you get if you happen to get the correct answer? Well, you'll be handsomely rewarded with the a huge amount of money. When I say huge, it means really HUGE!!! Scroll down and have a look at picture below...

Beautiful Diry Rich

Hey, I was just joking with you!!! Haha, DO NOT even think of kidnapping or abducting me, robbing or stealing the money from me on my birthday, as I've already used up my hard-earn money to pay for my course fees. New semester is commencing, I'm officially broke now!!! ='[


  1. wow, you are so rich! XD

    let me guess, you are 20 year old, haha XD

  2. wow!! rich girl..

    really like your cute face!!

    wanna really kiss you! ^_^

  3. Hi Christina

    Hv been reading your blog 4 quite a while now. Very interesting pics with good write up! With yr smile on every pics, can see that you are enjoying life n at the same x studying hard as well.

    Must be 22 years old.


  4. marccus:
    Haha, that was before I paid my course fees! Good guess, but I'm older that xD

    elims Chuang 光宏:
    *swt* Thanks, but please don't kiss me cause your wifey gonna chop me into pieces =.="

    Hi Edna, thank you for reading and visiting my blog for all these times. It really means a lot to me, really appreciate that. *cuddle* I'm not 22 by the way, take a guess again =D

    Nightmare?! Hmm, how do you even know unless you...*vomits* I guess you didn't read my sentence clearly, it's "my hard-earn money" :P

  5. ahaha
    realy not sure how old are you. 23 years old?

    I love reading your blog~!

    Hey... share some of your 'money'.. :P

  6. wow. saw so many stacks of 100 dollar.

    anyway happy birthday to u .. !!!~~

  7. Johnny:
    OMG! Are you sure you really don't know my real age?! You got it right >.<" but I'm officially 24 today!!! Haha... Thanks for being so supportive, the money is gone now, so can't share with u =X

    LoL, can go shopping and buy LV bags already *day dreaming* Thanks, Alex xD

    Haha, I was just kidding :P Thanks for your birthday wishes, I still haven't receive any birthday gift from him yet...

  8. millymin:

    It's already too late, duit sudah habis, tarak duit sekarang...

  9. mmm i think should less than 30 year old...

    Because you still studying in Australia... unless.... hehehehe

  10. CH Voon:

    OMG!!! Of course I'm under 30!!! I just turned 24 today *sniff sniff* Do I really look that old? =.="


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