Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Update

This is just a random update on my recent life, to tell everyone that I'm so dead doing perfectly fine, especially my family and friends who concern about me so much. Lately, I'm pretty much busy with works (working in two restaurants), studies (attending classes and rushing assignments), and stuff. If nothing goes wrong, I'll be going for the 2009 Heritage Toowoomba Royal Show which falls on this coming Thursday, 26th of March. So, is anyone of you interested in joining me?


  1. good girl Christina!! *pats head* but work also must rest ya?

  2. Yeah, I'll definitely be resting tomorrow since it's a public holiday!!! Woohoo... *cuddle* thanks for caring, spymama.

  3. so which another restaurant u working currently?

  4. Hmm, the Chinese restaurant in Grand Central, but it's a casual thing. I started to take this job since November of last year.

  5. wah...wat a good coded message ....


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