Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nike: My Favorite Sports Brand

Nike Sport Water Bottle in Pink

Nike means goddess of victory in Greek, it's has now become my current favorite sports brand. Within the second half of 2008, I had purchased quite a few items from the same sportswear supplier, some of them includes a pink Nike teen girl full-zip hoodie, a pair of Nike WMNS Air Leigh in silver stripes, a pair of Nike WMNS Steady IV in pink and silver stripes, and a Nike core converge medium messenger.

Mesh Flock Script White Tee

Today, when I came back from the uni, it was already in the late afternoon. Together with Alex, we went for a little groceries shopping in Grand Central, and soon afterwards, we headed to A-Mart to check out their sales. We ended up buying a pink Nike sport water bottle and a Nike mesh flock script white tee, which I'm gonna wear to my classes tomorrow *grin* I really can't help using or wearing the new stuff I bought on the next coming day.

Adidas Forever & Everlast Authentic Tees

My boi, on the other hand, has bought himself a couple of Adidas forever and Everlast authentic tees, and a 5 kilo fixed-weight dumbbell for weight training. Hmm, let's see how long he would last with it...


  1. I owned many nike shoes too.. =)

  2. wah.....i like nike and adidas products...but very expensive in msia ler...

  3. i love Adidas.. always have been and forever too..

  4. choyyin forever:
    Wow, really? Can I have a peep at your collection?

    Hehe, I notice that too. Most of the branded stuff are cheaper here!!! =D

    FAD MOM:
    Cool! I don't know why do I prefer Nike over Adidas... maybe it's because of the logo and design...

  5. oooi i love your profile pic with tat big eyeglasses, Christina...ooooi nice.... stylo milo...

  6. *blush* Thanks, spymama! Were you calling my last name or just simply "ooooi" =X


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