Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nigel's 27th Birthday Bash

Nigel's 27th Birthday

It's 年初三 (Nian Chu San) today, and we are throwing Nigel a birthday bash.

Nigel's 27th Birthday

Sally has bought him an Opera Sponge Cake from Michel's Patisserie.

Nigel's 27th Birthday

Nigel, the birthday boy who celebrates his 27th birthday.

Nigel's 27th Birthday

Let me guess...
He must be wishing and praying so hard to marry a good wife in 2009? Haha!!!

Nigel's 27th Birthday

Channelle couldn't wait to lay her hands on the birthday cake...

*Note: Photos below are taken with Sony DSC-V1.


  1. Nice photo, Nyum nyum delicious cake... oh happy birthday to Nigel

  2. Thanks, E-Tavasi. How's life in Malaysia?


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