Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Precious Siamese Fighters (Bettas)

New Fish Tank

A brand new and classy fish tank for my precious ones.

Siamese Male Fighter

Let me introduce you to my Xiao Bao Bei, a Siamese male Fighter Fish.

Siamese Female Fighter

This is the Female Fighter which I bought from Pets Galore yesterday.

Siamese Fighter Fishes

From now on, my Xiao Bao Bei has someone special to keep him company everyday.


  1. OMG
    The Male Fighter Fish is so amazing !

    Kiss *

  2. Yeah Cathiiie, the male Fighter has attractive body colors and beautiful tail shape.

  3. =__=" you want the couple to fight with each other?

  4. hey nice. put them together and take a video? cough* i am evil ^^

  5. Sadly, the female died yesterday morning. *sob sob* She was bullied by the male Fighter, and badly injured on the next day, after I put them together in the same fish tank. Sigh...

  6. haha i am evil. i actually laughed :P

  7. *sweat* You're one evil man, Irvine!

  8. Nice beautiful Xiao Bao Bei sorry for your lost. *Paiseh* didnt know they are called Bettas all along its fighting fish. Thought cannot put them together the male would gets aggressive?

  9. Bananazക:
    I was told that it was alright to put a male and a female together. But, the female died a few days later, as the male kept on attacking her...

  10. cantik ni... need to ask my brother to make some fish like this wkekekeke


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