Thursday, January 8, 2009

Graduation Trip: Chinatown Sydney (雪梨華埠)

Chinatown Sydney

Today, I'm gonna take you to Haymarket, which is now known as the Chinatown of Sydney.

Chinatown Sydney

In front of Eating World Restaurant (食通天) at Factory Street.

Chinatown Sydney

Sydney's Chinatown is a colorful mixture of Asian culture, shopping and cuisine.

Chinatown Sydney: Harbour Plaza

Now, let's do a little shopping at Harbour Plaza, shall we?

Chinatown Sydney

Aww, this is so cute!

Chinatown Sydney

I ♥ Koala Bear.

Chinatown Sydney

Mr. and Mrs. Koala.

Chinatown Sydney: Japanese & Korean Food

We felt hungry and had our dinner here at the food court of Chinatown. The price of the meals are surprisingly cheaper than those in Gold Coast and Brisbane. And of course, the food were delicious!

Chinatown Sydney: BBQ Chilli Octopus

Sizzling BBQ Chilli Baby Octopus.

Chinatown Sydney: King Prawn Cashew

Sizzling King Prawns with Cashew.

Chinatown Sydney: Dumpling Soup

A very Chinese dumping soup.

Chinatown Sydney: Souvenirs

These are the souvenirs I've got for my dearest friends.

Darling Harbour Night View

Breath-taking view of Sydney's Darling Harbour at Night.

Pyrmont Bridge Darling Harbour

The other end of Pyrmont Bridge.

Light Rail Darling Harbour

We can either choose to take Light Rail or Monorail to get back to Goldsbrough Apartment Hotel, but we walked back instead.

Chinatown Sydney

At last, home sweet home...
It's time for everyone to wash up, have a good night sleep, and be prepared for tomorrow's trip!!!


  1. waaaaaaaaaa.. darling harbour is sui!! at night!

    happy graduation ya!

  2. wow shiok. are you having summer hols now?

  3. Yeah, spymama. I'm having summer holidays now, but the graduation trip was back in September of 2008.


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