Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rewards for Myself

On July 11, 2008, the same day as the release of 3G iPhone in Australia, USQ has announced exam results for Spring 2008 (semester 1). Good news, everyone! I passed all the subjects again! Woohoo... The first thing I did was to text my mommy about it, I can tell that she was pretty excited and happy at the same time when she replied my sms. Now, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and fully concentrate on working. My left hand was scalded by boiling-hot sweet and sour sauce in the morning of that particular day and it hurts like hell a lot. In exchange, here are some "rewards" I got for myself.


A cute mobile chain for my Motorola L7.

Sienna Cardi Warm Yellow

Sienna Cardi in warm yellow

Authentic 1x1 Rib Mellow

Authentic 1x1 Rib in mellow

Authentic 1x1 Rib Mellow

The design is nice and simple, and they are only 5 dollars per piece!!!

KayserBlack Hosiery

Kayser's Black Hosiery

Lego: Indiana Jones

We've decided to buy Lego's 7626 Indiana Jones as a present for Alexson's upcoming birthday party on Monday, which will be held tomorrow night.

Lego: Indiana Jones

Meanwhile, I'm not sure whether we are physically ready for the trip to Southbank and Chinatown with Benny early tomorrow morning. Why is it so? The reason is simply because we spent our last 12 hours playing Mahjong last night. I know how insane it sounds to you but it's holiday, so get crazy!!! And the next morning, we continued our activities to Sunday Market and Coco's, then followed by a Domino's pizza "brunch" in the afternoon.

Mattress Pad

We were supposed to get ourselves an extra thick, soft, and warm quilt for winter nights but somehow, we've mistakenly bought a mattress pad instead. A couple of weeks ago, there was this German guy who was selling a 3 month-old quilt for only 10 dollars. Unfortunately, the item was sold off before we even lay our hands on it. Oh well, I guess we have to head to the department store for item-exchange again.


  1. Yer, I wanna have the Indiana Jones lego set too! It is so nice!

  2. there's an edition for indiana jones? ganas, lol. everyone seems to be shopping -_-" and i am here sitting and rotting in my room, lol

  3. Oh...congrats...lucky u :). But be careful ya :)

  4. Akira 思胜:
    Haha, you're into Lego as well? The Indiana Jones Lego set costs $79.90 here.

    LoL, don't just hide in your bedroom, go out and have fun with your friends!!!

    Thanks, piggy! *cuddle* I'll be careful next time =D


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