Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

It was two days ago when we went to Brisbane's Queen Street Mall (QSM), located in the heart of the city. Every day, there is an estimation of 160,000 people that pass through Queen Street Mall, making it the busiest shopping precinct in Australia with the largest shopping offer between Sydney and Singapore.

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall: Unagi Don

A tempting Unagi Rice

Queen Street Mall: Curry Don

Japanese Curry Chicken Rice

Queen Street Mall: Chicken Yakitori

Chicken Yakotori


Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall: Street Performer

A random street performer playing with cricket bats. He was trying really hard to attract the crowd's attention as well as entertaining them.

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall: Harvey Norman

The half a kilometre long Queen Street Mall has over 40,000 square metres of retail space including shopping centres, Queens Plaza, The Myer Centre, Winter Garden, Broadway on the Mall, Queen Adelaide Building and Brisbane Arcade.

Valley Girl: Red Belt

Valley Girl: Pink Belt

P.S. The post contents will be updated tomorrow as I'm extremely tired and sleepy now.


  1. The street is so happening!!! Aikz, the food is so tempting ler...

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  3. how good u can stay overseas..

  4. christina_yy, your pics are very nice and clear. what camera do you use? Queen Street Mall looks so much nicer through your lense!

  5. Akira 思胜:
    Yes, it's good staying in such a wonderful city!

    Thanks a lot for offering me the opportunity but I don't write paid or sponsored posts in my blog, sorry!

    Yeah, life's great here!!!

    Thanks, I'm just using Sony DSC T100.

  6. australia do have nice restaurants unlike the UK... sigh* i think i went to the wrong place? =P

  7. hi there.. wow!!!
    you got really cool and amazing pics here. really nice.. i need to go there. hehe. =)
    i'll see yah around. happy blogging!

  8. - i.r.v.i.n.e -

    Why would u say so? I thought UK is a wonderful place to stay / visit... Maybe it's just about the area u stay? I'm sure there are plenty of nice western food out there waiting for u!!!

    Hi again! Thanks for your compliment and visit =D Wish u the same and see ya around too!

  9. so nice of all ur pictures!!! :)

  10. Thank you, Mei Wah! Australia is really a beautiful piece of island.

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  12. Anonymous:
    Hi there, thank you so much for being so kind and supportive!
    It makes me feel so good after reading your comment ;)


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