Monday, July 28, 2008

Gold Coast's Harbour Town

On a clear sunny Saturday morning, we paid a long awaited visit to Harbour Town Gold Coast. As estimated, we arrived at the destination around 12 something in the afternoon and started shopping like a maniac. I must say that I really had a great and joyful day in Gold Coast, and for the first time in my life, I shopped for the things I want like nobody's business! Damn, I felt so freaking good! Anyway, I'll be posting up the photos of my "胜利品" on my upcoming post as soon as I recover from this nasty cold and sore throat I'm having right now.



Gold Coast's Harbour Town: Roasted Duck Rice

Hog's Breath Cafe: Menu

Hog's Breath Cafe: Splice Cocktail

Hog's Breath Cafe: Finger Food Combo

Hog's Breath Cafe: Fish Fillet

Hog's Breath Cafe: Inner Decoration

Gold Coast: Boat Brokerage

Gold Coast: Boat Brokerage

Address: Gold Coast Hwy, Biggera Waters QLD 4216, Australia‎.
Contact: (07) 5529 1734‎


  1. Get well soon and nice pics :). Looking forward to ur next post :)

  2. Drink more water and rest more ya... Dont eat too much d lor...

  3. john ryan (jr)Monday, July 28, 2008

    Great pictures especially the food....almost had my laptop for dinner.

  4. Look at the finger foods..
    super tempting ahhhh....

  5. Wow... all the photos are great! Lip-smacking food. R u malaysian?

  6. piggy:
    Thanks for caring, piggy! I'll be alright soon.

    akira 思胜:
    Hi Akira, thank you for your concern.

    john ryan(jr):
    Hi there, it's good to see u again! Haha, don't u do that =P

    beverly's secret:
    Yep, and super delicious too!!!

    Thanks girl, they're indeed very tasty! And yeah, I'm a Malaysian =D


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