Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Girls Party

Girls Party: Group Photo

I was invited to a "Girls Party" hosted by Deborah at her three-room corner house in Student Village today. The party started at 3 p.m. and lasted for more than two hours. We spent time talking and getting to know each other while enjoying the relaxing afternoon tea. There are a number of them who I've already met before, but the rest are all new faces to me. Anyway, it was really fun gathering around with new bunch of friends.

Girls Party: Group Photo

That's the best I could remember, so please forgive me if I happen to misspell your names.

Girls Party: Andrea & Elsey

Andrea and Elsey were "disco-dancing" while the rest were chit-chatting in the kitchen area.

Girls Party: Deborah

A million thanks to Deborah, for hosting such a wonderful girls party and also for the delicious dessert she prepared. Additionally, I would like to thank every single one of you who attended the party. Thanks for the beef sausage rolls prepared by Chloe, apple pies, Lamington cake (an Australian specialty) and chocolate cupcakes brought by Michelle, as well as the delightful Australian dessert made by Cindy's hubby.


  1. Wah, so many leng lui neh... hahaha...

    btw, my birthday is at 18 Nov, hehe...

  2. Ha ha...what a wonderful party :).

  3. WahSeh..a great party indeed!!!!! ^^

  4. akira 思胜:
    Wow, 18th of November?! But, you already started receiving your b'day presents now? Omg...

    Yeah, it was a great party.

    jenndz - the leftover queen:
    Indeed, I'm looking forwarding for the second one.

    You're right! These girls are really friendly...


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