Tuesday, July 22, 2008

David's Birthday Bash

Preparing Sichuan Hot Pot

We attended David's Birthday Party yesterday, after 3 hours of ping-pong-playing (table tennis) at Concannon College. There was even a rock band jamming and keeping us company throughout the whole evening, making us more exciting than any other day.

Sichuan Hot Pot

Part of our mission was to blow up as many colorful balloons as possible to create the most appealing birthday atmosphere.

Hot Pots

A spicy and a non-spicy hot pots were prepared.

David, the Birthday Boy

David's face turned as red as tomato after drinking don't-know-how-many bottle of beer.

Chanel, the Sleeping Beauty

Channelle was sleeping so soundly on the couch while we were busy preparing for the birthday bash. It's better not to wake her up when she's sleeping, else...

Strawberry Chocolate Cake

The Strawberry Chocolate Cake brought by Benny and his family

Fruit Cake

A Fruit Cake brought by Zoe.

Lighting Up the Candles

Lighting up the candles in the dark.

Singing Birthday Song

~ Happy Birthday to U ~ Happy Birthday to U ~
~ Happy Birthday to David ~ Happy Birthday to U ~

Make A Birthday Wish

The birthday boy was making his birthday wishes in front of everybody.
May all your wishes come true, David! Especially the second one!

Two Birthday Cakes

Now, let's blow out all the candles (24 to be exact) at one time!
And yes, the birthday boy really made it!!!

Gaming Time

After having the fudgy delicious Strawberry Chocolate Cake and Fruit Cake ordered from The Cheesecake Shop, David suggested to play "The Killer Game" and several other fun games together. Before the party officially ended, we had Sichuan hot pot for the second time since everyone was hungry and desperate for food.

P.S. Thanks David, Jojo, and everyone else for the joyful and memorable birthday party!


  1. Happy Birthday to him ya!!!
    Best wishes to him!!!

  2. Wow, yummy foods.. Making me Hungry. Hi Cristina, just visiting you here. Have a great day
    Ester's Health Blog
    Ester's Embracing Health

  3. nice photos esp.the ones on the scenery & the food..

  4. Akira 思胜:
    Thanks for your wishes and greeting!!!

    Blogger's Recollections:
    Hi Ester, thanks a lot for visiting here again! Wish u have a great day too!

    JeromeFo 令孤冲:
    Yeah, they were having two birthday cakes. I had two birthday cakes for this year as well.

    Thank you so much, I love those photos too =D


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