Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Holiday!!!

Mylne Street Cross Junction

Finally, I'm done with my final exams. Everything is over now, I had done what should have been done in the first place. Hopefully, two of us can pass all the subjects with flying colors. Just today, we took public transport to the city for groceries and also to watch Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess with the Zohan".

Grand Central: Groceries Shopping

Started from June 16, Garden City Sunbus (one of Queensland’s largest urban bus operators) has upgraded their bus system as well as increased the bus fares. The brand new daily tickets allow unlimited travel between the origin and destination printed on the ticket, for one consecutive day. Hence, the new system will be awesome for those heavy travelers but not me. It actually cost me more to travel to my working place.

KFC: BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger

Zinger BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger

KFC: Two-Piece Feed

2-Piece Feed

KFC: Dipping Sauce

I ain't sure about other branches of KFC in Australia, but here in Toowoomba, we have to ask from the counter person in order to get free dipping sauces like sweet chilli sauce or ketchup.

Margaret Street

Margaret Street, right in front of Grand Central.

Fresh Strawberries

That's a hell lots of fresh strawberries, and it's only $1.99 per box. The price is even lower than those selling in Sunday Market yesterday.


What about kiwi fruits? They're damn cheap too! Just 25 cents each, I repeat, it's only 25 cents each! The fruits are big and juicy...

Bulla Icy Pops

We had tried Bulla's Creamy Classics Ice-cream before but not this Icy Pops. The value pack comes with lemonade, orange, and raspberry flavors. The taste of lemonade flavor is just so so, lets hope the other two would be better.

Home-cooking: Plum Chicken

For the previous few times, I just simply boiled the chicken pieces with plum sauce but today, we chose to prepare Deep Fried Chicken with Plum Sauce instead.

Home-cooking: Fried Chicke Wings

Thanks to the guys, I get to eat Deep Fried Chicken Wings for dinner tonight!


  1. Haha, after you finished the exam, it is time for delicious food again! LOL!

  2. I love plum sause too...but i never try with friend chicken before...gotta have a try next time!!

  3. Oh...all the best to you for your exam result ya :).....

    Nice's the KFC there? Taste the same with those in Msia?

  4. My diet rule "no fast food for a month" is going to end soon!!! I want KFC!!!

  5. they call it KFC because (they say) it's something besides chicken...

  6. akira 思胜:
    You're right! It's time to "reward" myself now!

    Fresh and juicy strawberries are kinda hard to be found in Malaysia, except those freshly picked in Cameron Highlands.

    choyyin forever:
    You should try it out some time, cause it tastes good with fried chicken too.

    Thanks for the blessing, piggy! The fried chicken pieces are slightly smaller and not everything brach here selling spicy recipe chicken. As for others, they're just about the same for me.

    beverly's secret:
    Poor girl, so skinny still wanna diet?! Anyway, hope u can achieve your goal!

    Hmm, I didn't quite get what u mean? Kentucky Fried Chicken should be about chicken but somehow they're selling burgers and others too =D


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