Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise

Wee, we'll be leaving to Gold Coast at 9 a.m. tomorrow! I'm feeling so excited, and can hardly wait for that moment to come! So far, we have just came up with a rough schedule of the 2 days 1 night trip, and since we gonna stay at the beach resort, I'll try to take more photos of those hot cheeks in sexy bikinis but no promise, k? Alright, that's all for today! It's time for me to get some sleep and to "recharge" my energy now. Hope to see you here when I'm back!

Day 1:
  1. Shopping in the city.
  2. Lunch in one of the Chinese restaurants in China Town.
  3. Shopping in Gold Coast's Harbour Town.
  4. Check-in to the apartment.
  5. Still planning...
Day 2:

  1. Conrad Jupiters Casino is part of the plan.
  2. Check-out from the apartment.
  3. Still planning...
Gold Coast: Q1 Resort


Gold Coast: Hot & Sexy Babe

Gold Coast: The Beach


  1. Wow, you will go for holiday soon? Take care and have fun ya!!!

  2. nice photo is nice. actually apart from the beach side, there are some inland places in gold coast which are good. check it out.

  3. hahaha i think i went to one of the casinos too when I was in gold coast... hehehe was it conrad or crown.. some of the tourists hit the hard rock cafe and planet hollywood..for tshirts. we hit the theme parks and casino.. gaming is more of me!

  4. wow...a sharp red bikini!!

  5. ahhjohn:
    谢谢,我也祝你 “端午节快乐”!

    akira 思胜:
    Thanks, I just came back from Gold Coast and had a lot of fun there.

    somewhere in singapore:
    Thank you, Happy Dragon Boat Festival to you too!

    Hehe, will travel to some other places as soon as I finish my final exams.

    constance chan:
    It's called Conrad Jupiters, I went there for the second time but only gambled for once ^^v

    choyyin forever:
    Yeah, doesn't she look hot in red bikini? =P

  6. always liked surfers paradise. and their cafes are still opened even at 1am. enjoyed my trip there previously.

    the city is pretty clean too

  7. johhny ong:

    Good to know! Gold Coast is one of the tourism hotspots in Aussie, that's why the government takes a lot of effort to keep the city clean.

    It'd be more fun if I were to visit this place during summer, then I'll get to see those sexy guys surfing... hot cheeks sunbathing on the white sandy beach...


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