Friday, June 13, 2008

Gold Coast: City Centre

Gold Coast: Pink City

It was drizzling on the way walking to the food court area.

Gold Coast: The Road Signs

The rain never stops and continued raining until the next morning.

Gold Coast: Weather Forecast

Luckily, the weather in Gold Coast is not as cold as Toowoomba.

Gold Coast: Night Life

Gold Coast is truly a city that never sleeps, branded stuff are everywhere, hot cheeks, sexy guys... which is why I love visiting this place, it made me feel like being in Penang again!


Grilled Pork with Vegetables (shallot and cabbage slices).

Gold Coast: Unagi Don

Unadon (うなぎ丼) - Broiled eel on a bed of rice with sweet basting sauce.


It was the worst Miso Ramen I ever tasted in my life. Instead of using Ramen, the chef used egg noodle to prepare the dish, which is obviously much more cost-saving.

Gold Coast: Kimuchi Ramen

Kimuchi Ramen is the Japanese version of the well-made Korean Kimchi. It tasted as bad as the Miso Ramen I ordered. Needless to say, the Ramen is replaced with egg noodle as well.

Gold Coast: My Boi

It was taken so naturally...

Gold Coast: Food Court Area

We decided to taste something different for dinner as we already had Chinese cuisine in China Town Brisbane on that very afternoon. Who knows, the Japanese cuisine could turn out to be terribly dissatisfying and ultimately disappointing.


  1. Wow, the first photo is damn nice!!! Great shot!!!

  2. wowo....luckily i just finished my dinner.....hahah

  3. oh my gawd... so delicious leh the foods... make me go hungry!

    me *poof* to breakfast!

  4. Akira 思胜:
    Thanks Akira, that's the kick-ass shot of the night! =D

    The dishes looked tempting but weren't really tasty at all.

    Sorry buddy, I don't know how to make Unadon but my boi loves it very much =P

    LoL, I really miss Sakae Sushi and Sushi King in Malaysia!!! =x


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