Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 2: Pacific Fair and Conrad Jupiters

The Fordor

It's not unusual to see antique cars on the road here in Queensland of Australia. On the way heading to Brisbane's Chinatown, we happened to spot a 1932 Ford Roadster look-alike right behind us. Everyone on the road was staring at it, so doubtlessly, I took a photo of that cool car to share with you.

Sassy Baby

Channelle had been a little "troublemaker" during the first day of the trip. All she did was nothing but crying and messing with the food and beverages. Fortunately, her mood turned better on the second day. She looks cute and adorable when she's not crying.

Gold Coast: Chevron Renaissance

Some random photos taken on the street, Chevron Renaissance.

Gold Coast:

Mikado Clock Hotel

Gold Coast: Beach Walk

We had an hour sleep in the next early morning, before going for a beach walk. Believe it or not, four of us stayed up overnight, just having girl talk and laughing out loud like nobody's business.

Gold Coast: Beach Ball

It was cloudy and windy as we get to the beach, we only spent a short while there, but long enough to talk just a couple of shots. The guys, on the other hand, were playing beach ball in the rain.

Gold Coast:

We decided to have "Dim Sum" for breakfast while waiting for the rain to stop.

Gold Coast: HK Style Chee Cheung Fun

Hong Kong-style Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls (Gee Cheung Fun)

Gold Coast: Yum Jo Cha

All of us were hunger for food and ordered a whole bunch of "Dim Sum". I only managed to captured the first few dishes before they were fed into our stomachs. The Chinese restaurant serves better quality food than the one in Chinatown.

Gold Coast: Century Egg Porridge

Century Egg Porridge (皮蛋粥)

Pacific Fair Gold Coast

I managed to grab myself a few pieces of winter wear from Pacific Fair, had a light meal. Then, we left for Conrad Jupiters Casino to do some "charity" activities for the very first time.

Gold Coast: Wong Kok Restaurant

At night, we stopped by at Sunnybank for groceries and dined in a Malaysian-Chinese restaurant called 旺角 (Wong Kok). Of course, we didn't forget to buy pig stomach and roasted pork as well.

Gold Coast: Wong Kok Restaurant

Finally, we get to taste some "real" Malaysian food here.

P.S. I'll be having 2 more exams next week and I think I won't be able to update my blog as often as before, so please be patient with me while I'm busy with my finals.


  1. I miss 皮蛋粥 so much!
    Ganbate for ur exam!!!

  2. I love the beach photo, it is so nice after all!!!

  3. i love Gee Cheung Fun....
    ok~~ this sunday go to eat...


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