Monday, June 2, 2008

Chong Qing Seafood Steamboat (重庆海鲜火锅)


Today, in the late evening, we had steamboat for dinner again. It was my boi's idea and this time, we decided to try out the Chong Qing Seafood Hot Pot Seasoning "重庆海鲜火锅低". The ingredients used for the soup are Lotus seeds (莲米), Shiitake mushroom (香菇), Lilium (百合), ginger (姜), Red Dates (红枣), Barbary Wolfberry Fruits (枸杞), dried shrimps (虾米), and pepper (胡椒).


The seasoning smelled a bit like "balacan" (shrimp paste) and tasted a bit hot and sour. To us, it's a new flavor that we've never tried out before and fortunately, three of us were able to "handle" it pretty well.


Long Life Noodle has become my boi's favorite ever since he first tried it with Tomyam soup.


Papadam / Papadum is a thin Indian wafer which can be eaten as an appetizer or a snack and can be eaten with various toppings. The recipe tends to be popular among the mamak stalls in Malaysia, and I'll never let go of the chance of getting one for myself whenever I go to a mamak stall. But now, we're far away from Malaysia, that's why we have to make our own papadams.


  1. wow, seems like u r havin steamboat very often~sichuan...then seafood..wad next??haha

  2. 哇赛。。又来了。。呵呵呵

  3. wow, can i have some too? hehe are you the one cooking it? it looks very yummy. how i wish i can try it right now. haha Anyway, thanks for dropping by at my blog and for the greeting. :)

  4. been here for a visit... how are you?

  5. indian papadam is super nice.. hmmn... long time never have steamboat already.... but, the soup of your like a bit different...yummy...

  6. wah, steamboat again!!!! Why ur life is so full up with food ah??? Envy ler~~~ ^^

  7. g a b r i a l:
    Yep, it's winter down under now. Steamboat is one of the best ways to keep our bodies warm.

    恩,冬天到了,一定要吃火锅来保暖才行! oo(n.n)oo

    Sure thing, if only you were here with us =D Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Hi Marie, thanks for your visit! I'm doing just great, how about yourself?

    choyyin forever:
    Yeah, the soup is quite different from those we had in Malaysia, and the seasoning is made in China.

    akira 思胜:
    LoL, we as a human being, must eat everyday! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner or sometimes supper...Hehe, don't envy me, cuz you're eating good everyday too!


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