Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fried Rice King in Pekaka

I slept too much 2day! Sleep, sleep and slept until dinner time only I woke up to take my meal. The 排骨王 coffee shop is just in front of Pekaka Square, Penang.

Hehe, the home-made salted fish tofu was so delicious! My boi loved them very much!

As soft as Japanese Tofu =D~
The outer was crispy and smelling so great!~

We used to have our dinner here last time, always.
But now already feel "normal" with the fried rice here even though they really taste good.

P.S. I'll be away for 2 days and will be coming back on Monday night, right after I passed up my assignment. Take care y'all *huggiez*


  1. eek.....
    your teeth mark at that tofu....
    ka ka ka ka ka ka

  2. *faints* it's not actually mine but my boi's lolz =P


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